Throw Vision

Throw Vision

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Nina Simone, Philip Glass, and Animal Collective shipwrecked near the Bermuda Triangle.


Tiff O and Taja Cheek have written and played music together for over a decade. Shortly after they met in high school in Brooklyn, they began writing and performing quirky songs in the school hallways and on the street for change. Active in all-ages DIY communities in the early noughties, Tiff and Taja were two of few women of color in the scene. A long chain of introductions lead Tiff and Taja to two college friends, Alex Goldberg and Dan Kleederman, in the spring of 2012. Throw Vision was born that year in a green velvet wallpapered practice room in Queens, surrounded by posters of 90s r&b princes, as the quartet began to hone their eclectic sound. 

Throw Vision has since played most of NYC’s most popular venues. In 2013, the band played for a live and virtual audience of over 30,000 people across the globe as the house band for the annual Summit conference produced by art giants Creative Time. More recently, Throw Vision has supported a few of their favorite musicians including Xenia Rubinos, THEESatisfaction and Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors). Tiff O and Taja Cheek have also recorded vocals for Matt and Kim’s 2014 national tour and Taja has recorded a single with Bruno Coviello (Light Asylum) for his ‘Bliscord’ mixtape which premiered in Fader Magazine in the summer of 2014.