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"'Flotsam & Jetsam' CD (Jan 2001)"

‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ CD review by Helen Matthews

From the first bar it became a cross generational schizophrenic time warp, from Jaco to Flea to Pete Jeavons thundering thumb. I think to myself am I qulaified to revue this CD, should I ring my son’s friend and ask his opinion. No, bugger it I’m going to call it as I hear it. On the first track, it was heaven to hear the coolest and still totally hip electric piano sound - the Fender Rhodes, still sounding relevant and totally at home in the 21st century. Pianist, Luke Savage, bass player, Peter Jeavons, drummer Konrad Park and guitarist, Simon Jeans set the scene on this One. For Pete’s Sake, was dominated by the sound of the Baritone, it’s player, Graeme Blevins sounded completely in control of this big beast, playing with the agility of an alto and the musicality of a , let’s face it - a Graeme Blevins.
Starting out on a vocal rhythmic- raga scat, Hot chicken launches into a frenetic and humorous feed of ‘finger flickin’ funk. The interplay between the bassist and drummer was as tight as one of Park’s snare drums on a hot day.
Mama, a strutting tune with a free-flowing groove dominated the next track. It Probably could have done with a bit of remixing on the vocals, but just as I start to settle into a quiet whinge, a soaring guitar solo flew overhead, piloted by ‘spank the planker’, Simon Jeans.
I wasn’t quite sure about Absolution, in terms of composition maybe it’s the basis of a music score, for a film, not yet made. It didn’t seem to fit the agenda - it is understandable to want to show all the colours on the palate, but the ambling pace of this track when juxtaposed with the heavy grooved tracks on either side, seemed out of place.
That said, the next couple of tracks were so rhyhtm driven I started to drift directly into the beat of People with Funk, People with Soul, when my ears were drawn into the symbiotic vocal track of underrated hipster singer, Paula Graham. However, there appeared to be a problem in the track order, was it 8-9 or 9-8.
A Quick re-check between the CD player and the booklet convince me that the booklet was in error - definately not the music. Pork Rind, with it’s onomatapoeic ‘little piggy’ synth soundspervading the truffled layers of bass line and beat was a musicall witty piece. It also made room for an impressive front line - Marty Pervan, trumpet, Paul Abbott, Tenor Saxophone and Mike Cartwright on trombone giving it that extra grunt. The final track, Time and Place resolved the CD by reinforcing that the trio of Jeavons, Savage and Park were consumate musicians who can play to the ends of eclecticism and back again. There is humour and an air of cheekiness about this debut CD - street beats, 70’s boogaloo, hip hop, rap, jive talk and above all great grooves. Not a sign of negativity, a la Rage against the Machine, rather a, hitching a ride on the back of a second-hand Ducatti.
Free from the constraints of conformity, while conforming to the unruliness of the music, this is one seriously joyous CD. - Perth Jazz Society Newsletter

"'Flotsam & Jetsam' Launch Gig (Dec 2000)"

Review by Adam Papworth for Xpress Magazine.

For the pleasure of mind, body soul and ear, Friday night saw Funxploitation present the most extravagant experience eleven dollars could possibly procure. Original, local music with rhythm and soul provided the theme for Thrust’s ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ CD launch.
Pieced together at Survival Studios between December 1999 and November of this year, Flotsam and Jetsam was engineered by Adam Keane. It traverses a musical voyage through hard-edged soul and intriguing, lush instrumentals. With artwork provided by Dave Jeavons and the local House Of Fu crew who were in full efect on the night; when engaging in full Thrust please remember; this ain’t no disco, this is what you call solidified funk.
Some phat and fresh mixing of b-boy styled sounds greeted the early players and playettes before the Systematic crew busted onto the scene with their acrobatic floor burning boogie. Keeping a recod spinning manually through a short-lived technical disturbance, the systematic action machine continued it’s breakdancing prowess for an at-first intrigued, then visually spellbound audience. It was impossible not to be caught by the infectious groovy vibe.
Skin shaking drums and raw driving bass accompanied these talented home grown musicians as they assaulted the sound system with their old school meets new school take on hip drum ‘ n ‘ bass. Basking in the limelight of on-the-spot musical improvisation, a deeply effective horns ensemble combined in harmonious unison, emphasising Thrust’s stealthy exploration of sound.
Funk don Konrad Park’s percussion mastery, Luke Savage’s keyboard chemistry and Pete Jeavons funky flammable bass lines saw general lunacy reign supreme as this soulful entourage let loose their more up tempo hip hopalistic ammunition before sliding in deeper insatiable eerie bass delicacies.
With quality sax, trumpet and trombone rounding out the jazz side of things, Simon’s spectacular guitar operating ability completed this tasty genre-combining buffet. Full Thrust drum-infested tribal funk had Konrad flexing his vocal chords as the rhythmically shaken, stirred and satisfied dance floor compulsively got down throughout Thrust’s entire set.
Appreciation evident to every degree, DJ Hips re-armed the turntables as inspired punters prepared to embark on a warm and welcoming Perth city sunrise.

- Xpress magazine. December 21st 2000.

- Xpress Magazine

"'Flotsam & Jetsam' CD (Dec 2001)"

Review of ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ CD
by Matthew Perkins for Hype Magazine Dec 2001

Thrust have built up their profile in the local scene, in no small part due to their hosting of the hugely successful Thursday night at The Paddington Alehouse, U.F.O. However, their music is the main part of that, and their debut CD showcases what had made the band renowned in the first place- goddam funky music! From energetic workouts to more jazz-style noodlings, with instruments both conventional and electronic, with fat bass lines and George Clinton style vocals, with varied tempos and the tasteful placing of melodious breakdowns, the bands debut release is the genuine article. For some it might be hard to believe that such music can come from Perth, but Thrust are to remind everyone that local, original funk is alive and kicking. If you already knew that or if you might need some convincing, make sure you track down this CD.
- Hype Magazine


LP 'Flotsam & Jetsam' (2000 independant)
EP 'Feel That Rhythm' (2005 independant)
LP 'Survival Of The Funkiest' (2006 independant)



Perth-based funkjazz outfit Thrust was initially formed as a trio by bassist / vocalist Pete Jeavons in 1998 with Konrad Park (drums / vocals) and Luke Savage (keyboards / vocals). In 2001, the group expanded to a quartet, adding Simon Jeans (guitar and vocals) to its ranks.

Thrust’s first residency was at The Attic Bar (Subiaco, WA) in 1999 but the band is perhaps best known, locally, for hosting the weekly event 'U.F.O' (Urban Funk Operations). U.F.O was possibly Perth’s first regular gig of original funk music, held every Thursday at the Paddington Alehouse (Mount Hawthorn, WA) for approximately three years from 2000 to the end of 2002. As well as those at The Attic bar, and The Paddington Alehouse, Thrust has held residencies at The Universal Bar (Northbridge, WA) and The Wembley Hotel (Wembley, WA) and has performed in numerous venues in and around Perth. Thrust was nominated for the Western Australian Music Industry’s most popular funk band award in 2001 and 2002 and was a heat winner in the 2002 'Next Big Thing' competition. Thrust released it’s debut album ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ in December 2000 and also performed at the Stompem’ Ground Music Festival (Broome, Northern WA) in the same year.

In mid 2003 Konrad Park, Thrust’s drummer, returned to his homeland Tasmania after some 12 years in WA. Later in 2003 the band toured Tasmania and has since made a number of appearances in WA (despite Konrad being based in Tasmania).

Thrust launched their second full length album 'Survival Of The Funkiest' in April 2006 and performed in Albany in February, as part of the Perth International Arts Festival’s ‘Great Southern’ program.

In September/October 2006, Thrust toured northern WA thanks to funding from Country ArtsWA and administration support from JazzWA. This tour saw Thrust perform right across WA’s top-end with shows in Broome, Kununurra, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek. The tour also saw the band perform once again in WA’s great southern region (Denmark and Pemberton) and stage some shows in Perth itself.

'Survival Of The Funkiest' was recorded at various studios from 2003-2006 and was pieced together at Poons Head Studio (Fremantle, WA) by Pete Jeavons and Rob Grant in the early part of 2006. Supported by ArtsWA, the album journeys through a wide range of musical terrain and features a number of special guests. The 10 original tracks incorporate elements of rock, jazz, hip-hop, blues and of course… funk!

The group recently appeared in WA in Feb 2007 and has a national tour scheduled for December supported by The Contemporary Music Touring Program, an initiative of The Department of Communications, Information Technology and The Arts (DCITA).