Thrust n Thrive

Thrust n Thrive

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Thrust n Thrive.
3 simple words.
Clean and effective.
With relentless energy on and offstage, they never give up and never will.
A refreshing Hardcore Act.
Genuine Punk Rock-Metal, from the Montreal Underground.


When bipolar vocals fuse with a funk-driven bassist, a hip-hop infused guitarist, a hardcore metal drummer, and a groovy lead-guitarist, something unusual is bound to strike.
Thrust N’ Thrive is a metal band with an alternative flare that is undoubtedly unique. They drift away from the monotony of the mainstream metal trend, and use a medley of rhythms and melodies to reach out to metal, rock, and even punk fans.
Just as their name implies, TNT, they are a time bomb waiting to explode.
Their stage-presence is undeniable; they are powerful and energetic musicians capable of delivering unforgettable performances. Their alternative musical style is manifested in their EP, Reason to Believe, recorded by award-winning producer Glen Robinson.
It is without fail that each member of the band manages to stand out. With vocals that shift from pole to pole, Simon Morissette is able to communicate his lyrics with intensity. The drummer, Thierry Charette, is the root of Thrust N’ Thrive’s explosive tendencies. The bassist, Julien Tardif, adds colourful grooves to the music, which blends with melodies incorporated by rhythm guitarist Nicholas Paquette and lead-guitarist Benjamin Pétrieux.

While Thrust N’ Thrive can be compared to bands like August Burns Red, Bullet for my Valentine, Slipknot, In Flames, Kill Switch Engage and Avenged Sevenfold, the sound they create remains an intensifying divergence amid other metal bands. Thrust N’ Thrive uses the same ingredients that these bands do, but never fail to come up with an entirely different recipe.

So stop, listen, and give yourself a Reason to Believe.


Part I - May 2009 (4 song Demo)

A Reason to Believe - June 2010 (7 song EP)

What We Went Through - May 2011 (Single)

* Songs with Airplay

- Snatch (From A Reason to Believe)
- No More (From a Reason to Believe)

Set List

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