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Thug Cousins

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"Thug Cousins" offers something for all Hip Hop lovers with a style that reaches from coast to coast. The music breaks the barriers of the repetative and noisy replays from the track before and gives you versatility in a strong, fun and fully charged debut project!


" Thug Cousins" is one of the most exciting and hardest working groups in the Northwest USA! We introduce to the world - Lil Dee - G Wizzy - Meedy Meek & Mafmatix! They are charged full of energy and creative rhymes that get the clubs packed everywhere they perform. Included in the Thug Cousin Family are a group of talented writers and producers who push them to elevate the music to the maximum for a wide range of listeners! They have performed at several venues in the Northwest U.S.(Washington, Oregon) and are working on their upcoming debut album("Thug Cousins") "Mafmatix" has been featured on two recent (& hot) albums; Tha Reps w/Spitatcha Records(Salem,OR.) & Election Year Compilation w/Campaign Records(Reno,Nv.) "G Wizzy" has worked the underground battling emcees and making a reputation for himself as one of the baddest freestylers in the N.W. "Lil Dee" has appeared with several underground and mainstream artists in shows and recordings from the N.W. area rapping in English and Spanish with incredible ease. The vocals of "Meedy Meek" will hit your eardrum with that Superstar quality chill factor that can give you goose bumps! Ready or not! Please welcome the "THUG COUSINS"!

Total Humility Under God ....


Thug Cousins debut album just out!
Sold 200+ copies opening day! April 2006.

Song titled "Many Faces" released on Hard Times Records "Oregonized" compilation 2006.

Song titled "Switch Quick" released on Spitatcha Records cd by Tha Reps 2004/05.

Song titled "Thug Cousins" released on Campaigne Records compilation in summer 2004.

Set List

Typical set is 20-30 minutes long w/4-6 songs. We can perform sets of at least a 45 minutes . We have more material when necessary. It is all original with a coast to coast rap flavor.