BandHip HopSoul

My music is straight poetic and influenced by the everyday life of my peers,family, and people that i come across but i relate to their struggles. I dont make music to amuse people but to teach,touch, and make a change in any way possible.


I have a God-given gifted talent to touch and impact through my music. I am a spirit and all my music is filled with spiritual commands.I believe theres nobody out there in the music business who has my voice so that makes me unique.Mind u i've been told that. I come from an afrikan background specifically Ghana and u can feel the feeling of been suppressed in my music.Alot of my songs are filled with emotions which derive from my everyday struggle to be somebody in life and the tribulations and turmoils the people around me go through.I am a song writer and i can touch on any subject matter which make me different from any artist out there.I dont make music purposely for clubbing or partying.I dont follow the industry because i am different and that what i want promoters and producers to recognize when they hear my music that is full of talent.However,my influences comes from past artist who made sense with their music ranging from country music to hiphop.This is why i am not vain but vigilent.One of my goals is to bring true hiphop/rap and the feeling we had in the 90's era.Simple because i think artist today are loosing their sense of touch in music sadly blinded by evil a.k.a MONEY.If u take time and listen to my music you will figure out the type of brother i am and what am about and where i am going.To sum things up,you have to know music to like my music.Show me love and shall i do so 4 u.PEACE.


Unfortunately i am not signed enough to release anything so i keep it underground.

Set List

Mis-educated Guess
Survive the Struggle
Never Had One
Lost Love