BandHip Hop

A Teenage Rap Artist With The Rhymin Ability Of Dr. Suess.


[iTs Ya GuRl thUmp]
I Go by the NamE oF ThUmp short for ThUmPerRu, Got It From My Mom And Father When I was YoungEr So I Carried It Till Now, I'm working on finishing school I am Only 16 years old BeEn RapPing Since I was 12 And i don't think im neva Gone turn BaK aRound till The Rap Industry Turn Me Around. I Will do My Best to keeP My fAns LoVin Me, wanTinG t0 BuY my Music


I'm On My Dad's First Album Called "Sittin On Top Of The Game" I Did A Song With San Quinn, StuntMan From Thizz Called "You Never Seen A Player Like We" My Singles Are "Galaxy Hustler" "Boss Chick" "Ova Nite Success" "Thump Go"