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This band has not uploaded any videos



"First Review"


Thank you for sending us your EPK. However, at this time there is not a fit at Funk Volume.

We thought that the production on your songs was on point, and you definitely are not a beginner. We could tell that you have experience recording and your rocked the beats very well.

What we didn't see, however, was anything that struck us as different. We believe there still is a market for putting out songs about topics that artists continue to pound into the ground (money, cars, I'm the best, etc.), but our focus is on finding artists that can reach people that want to hear something different.

I hope that this feedback does not offend you. We try to support the development of all artists and we can only do that by providing our honest opinion. Just remember that we are only one opinion and that you should continue to get feedback from as many people as possible.

Good luck to you!
- Funk Volume. Record Labels/Distribution .


I'm On My Dad's First Album Called "Sittin On Top Of The Game" I Did A Song With San Quinn, StuntMan From Thizz Called "You Never Seen A Player Like We" My Singles Are "Galaxy Hustler" "Boss Chick" "Ova Nite Success" "Thump Go"



[iTs Ya GuRl thUmp]
I Go by the NamE oF ThUmp short for ThUmPerRu, Got It From My Mom And Father When I was YoungEr So I Carried It Till Now, I'm working on finishing school I am Only 16 years old BeEn RapPing Since I was 12 And i don't think im neva Gone turn BaK aRound till The Rap Industry Turn Me Around. I Will do My Best to keeP My fAns LoVin Me, wanTinG t0 BuY my Music