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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF | AFM

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Americana


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""All Time Gone" Record Review"

Thunderado, “All Time Gone” (self-released)
Led by Hunter Perrin, whose day job, until recently, was playing guitar in John Fogerty’s touring band, this Houston trio plays so economically that its second album features 11 songs in just 30 minutes.
“They’re known primarily here in Houston, because Hunter’s gig with Fogerty made it tough to tour with Thunderado, but I feel like there’s something here capable of reaching a much wider audience,” Mr. Escalante said. “Like a lot of the bands that play at the club next door to our shop, the Continental Club, there’s a certain swampy Gulf Coast element to what they do, but there’s also bits of surf and rockabilly. When I put it on in the store, it’s an easy sell.” - NY Times

"Band Review"

The term “super-group” is routinely thrown around rock music with reckless abandon like a toddler being dangled from a balcony window. Unfortunately, it’s usually just random artists that all came from one-hit-wonders, and wrongfully assumed that their combined talents could make-up for their lack of chemistry and time together. For Thunderado, a skilled and experienced country trio stationed in Houston, Texas, “super-group” is apt when you account for their varied musical backgrounds and decades of combined musicianship.
?Currently comprised of Paul Beebe (bass), Hunter Perrin (guitar, who also plays in John Fogerty’s current band), and Billy Walters (drums), Thunderado broke onto the national scene in early 2008 with their debut, self-titled release. The album featured 10 tracks that encompassed the spectrum of country’s roots, as well as its future. The members’ comprehension of rock, bluegrass, and alternative styles translated into a seamless effort that didn’t paint itself into any single genre.?“When a group is stripped down to a trio, each member has to work really hard to make each note count. We strive to make it sound great no matter what, and to have a great time sharing songs with the audience,” Perrin commented.     ?The band’s name is somewhat of a misnomer. They won’t attack listeners with a wall-of-sound approach, but rely on wisdom and restraint to carry the mood on most tracks. While proficient at playing surf-riffs coupled with up-tempo drumming, Thunderado’s standout moments occur during hushed vocals and carefully placed notes that soothe rather than enrage. Fans of early Wilco will appreciate the subtlety of ‘See You Now,’ and Reverend Horton Heat’s followers will dig Perrin’s shredding on ‘When You Lie.’ ?Influences vary, but Perrin commented that, “Both Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis had a profound effect on me when I got the chance to back them up. [During the 2008 Grammy Awards.] Redefinition was achieved in that there was no separation between music, art, and entertainment with those two.” ?Both hailing from music-centric families near Houston, Perrin and Beebe met through mutual friends in the area’s local scene, and began jamming and working on song ideas. Before that, they were each members of multiple bands that found success in the Mid-West and Texas. Beebe was once in Houston’s No Trespassing and The Roof Badgers during the 1990s, while Perrin recorded with Shitake Monkey and Hi-Five. After forming their nucleus, the duo recently added Billy Walters’ percussion skills to their repertoire to round out the group. The band attributes much of its success to their organization and versatility during the song-writing process. ?“More often than not, I will come up with the basic structure of a song, Paul will tighten up the arrangement and spice up some of the chord changes and vocal harmonies, and Billy will bring the whole thing together by finding the feel, tempo, and intensity level most appropriate for the song,” explained Perrin.    ?Thunderado will be playing Prescott’s Ravén Cafe on November 13th; listen to sample tracks from their first album on the band’s MySpace page. - Prescott, AZ Pop Rocket by Mitch McDonald

"Houston Chronicle Band Description"

"dramatic garage rock with elements of rockabilly, surf and swing" - Houston Chronicle

"Record Review"

After packaging delays and the usual record-business snafus, we finally got our hands on a copy of the new Thunderado, a project of Paul Beebe and Hunter Perrin. Like Thunderado's live shows, the album features a stripped-down, three-piece power trio; for the purposes of this recording, the third slot is filled by guest super-drummer Kenny Aronoff.

Houston native and John Fogerty axeman Perrin's guitar essentially drives the album as he works his way through everything from folksy soft-rockers like "See You Now" to blazing spaghetti western instrumentals like "Juarez" that recall the Ventures and Duane Eddy. Perrin shows off his hot boogie licks on swinging rocker "Midnight Kiss Kiss," and "Is It Me?" follows with essentially the same melody but with quieter, jazzier solos.
Quiet and slightly spooky, "40 Days" is the catchiest lyric and oddest vibe on the album. But the real Thunderado power trio Southern boogie thing that is the highlight of the live shows comes full force on "When You Lie": "When you lie I just have to smile/ Come on, pretty baby, won't you lie with me a while?"
Thunderado will be joined by former Press music award winners The Handsomes, who haven't exactly made music a career, but have made these Christmas Day after-dinner affairs a Continental tradition. - William Michael Smith - Houston Press

"Thunderado Review"

Thunderado doesn't play around much. This is not to say it's not one helluva band, but guitarist Hunter Perrin has a day job that keeps him busy most of the year: backing legendary Credence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty. When Perrin is in town, however, he and bassman compadre Paul Beebe bring one of the rockingest three-piece combos in the area to the stage.
Thunderado's bluesy, surf-influenced torrent of rock and roll that pours forth proves that the band is most appropriately named, and Perrin is a serious string-shredder. These guys can shake the rafters. The group's first CD, Thunderado - with powerhouse session man Kenny Aronoff on drums - is due in early December and, if Fogerty's schedule allows, the band hopes to play more hometown gigs for a while. (Thunderado also rocks the Continental Christmas night.) - William Michael Smith
- Houston Press

"Record Review.2"

Thunderado – “Thunderado” (Manville Records) A-

A duo that put out killer vocal harmonies, and driven hard by guest drummer Kenny Aronoff. This is Crosby-Stills- Nash-Webb Pierce and Link Wray driven at break-neck speed toward the broke-down palace by an amped up Kenny. Variety slam. Guitarist is obviously adept, throwing in some amazing licks while the bass player does his best to fend off the relentless Aronoff’s drum savvy. Then just for kicks they throw in a strange breathy ballad (See yoU now) …Interesting…weird. I’m so confused. I gotta give this one big marks for sheer audacity, careening guitar and amazing vocal doubles. - 91.3FM WVHB- Bloomington

"San Antonio Quote"

Houston-based Thunderado is a trio led by Hunter Perrin (guitar, vocals) and Paul Beebe (bass, vocals) with a revolving cast of drummers. Beebe, the younger brother of El Orbits' David Beebe, is a showman not unlike his brother. Perrin and Beebe both sing well and both have rock running through their veins.
— Compiled by Jim Beal Jr. and John Goodspeed. -

"Hunter Perrin"

"A show in himself." --Noel Mengel - The Courier Mail Australia

"Song Review"

Thunderado - Dumbin' Down The Numbers -- Album "Thunderado"
When you hear this song, you are gonna be shocked that Thunderado comes from Houston, Texas. In a town where all the good music has been evaporated by the corporate machine, resides Thunderado. Southern...rock...blues...just plain good stuff folks. Who the heck knows what this tune is about, and really who even cares? That's what makes it true....I guess.

--Shane Hollinger
Program/Music Director
Mandatory FM - Mandatory FM


"A fascinating mixture of blues, Americana, and ragtime." --Robert Silverstein - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"Kenny Aronoff"

" of rock's finest drummers..." - Chicago Tribune

"Kenny Aronoff 2"

"brilliant...explosive...Kenny Aronoff combines elemental power with subtlety." - The New York Times

"Kenny Aronoff"

" of rock's finest drummers..." - Chicago Tribune


Thunderado (2008)
All Time Gone (2010)



What to do when your band’s guitarist and co-lead singer stops touring the world with rock-n-roll legend John Fogerty? If you’re Thunderado, a Texas power trio from Houston, you build a studio in the garage and make a record that pays tribute to your musical soul: 70s-era ZZ Top, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tony Joe White and the swampy grooves of the Gulf Coast.

Thunderado is still Hunter Perrin (guitar, vox), Paul Beebe (bass, vox) and Billy Walters (drums), but their new record, Hilltop Sister, will be unlike the previous two releases. Their self-titled debut (with studio ace Kenny Aronoff on drums), as well as the second record, All Time Gone, showcased the band’s range and technical proficiency with rock, surf, rockabilly, swing, gypsy jazz and country boogie. Hilltop Sister, however, will be 100% planted in swampy, good-time riff rock that sounds like the Black Keys playing Billy Gibbons songs with a boogie blues backbeat on a hot night in Austin.

After recording the previous albums in some of the best studios LA has to offer, for Hilltop Sister the Thunderado compadres decided to bring the gear – and vibes – back home to Houston at Beebe’s newly constructed Beebe Gunn studios for basic tracking. No longer beholden to the mega-studio daily rate, these down-home groovers are taking their time crafting a soundscape that will make bluesheads, roadhouse warriors, soul aficionados and freedom rockers bob their heads and shuffle their feet.

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