Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

 Chicago, Illinois, USA


The band is just getting started but because of our personal band histories, we seem to be beginning to create a buzz within our associations about this new project. 5 of our members have extensive live experience in Chicago, and in some cases, beyond. Bass player Ben Reed is from Small Brown Bike (also Great Sea Serpents). Guitarist Dave Arter was also in Great Sea Serpents, as well as Keleton DMD and Russian. Our drummer, Peter Andreadis, is in the band Baby Teeth and All City Affairs. Dave Lukasik, one of our guitar players, also was in Keleton DMD and is currently producing a pilot TV show called Dragons (starring skateboarding star Mike V). Ollie Davidson has been in his own Projects, most recently Old Dog Music and One & Only. JB is new to the band scene, but his licks are amazing.


Sure Thing - to be released mid-November 2010