Rochester, New York, USA

Progressing from roots reggae, soul, funk, hip-hop, afro beats, noise, and more, this 7-piece ensemble proffers over a hundred masterful arrangements that attune the body to the medicinal effects of sound vibrations.


Thunder Body - The Band

In their fifth year proffering seamless analog, electric roots music, Thunder Body is a family of friends brewing an unparalleled experience unique to each Medicine Hi-Fi performance.

“What do you nurture in yourself?” That’s the question the seven-piece ensemble probes across a growing profusion of over a hundred masterful arrangements. Through discreet lyrical stimulation and polyphonic compositions, Thunder Body conjures a collective thinking space for synesthetic introspection.

Like a color wheel, varied combinations of Thunder Body’s seven illuminate harmonic sets of tone color personalities. Cleverly choreographed rests instigate auditory afterimages that slip the grooves of meticulous, percussive rhythms. Metaphysical healing is the nectar for the receptive, the impulse-driven, and the experimentally expressive.

With the legendary Medicine Wednesdays in Rochester and Syracuse, New York, Medicine Hi-Fi’s annual April Powers Festival, and performances that span Grass Roots, Lilac, Fringe, Rochester International Jazz Festivals and more—audiences nationwide are tuning in to the possibilities of higher consciousness and restorative powers in music.

There is no genre, no label that sticks. You just have to be present.


Thunder Body - Their Roots

Founded in 2010 by Matt O’Brian (lead vocals, drums) and Rachel Orke (keys, melodica), Thunder Body evolved from roots reggae, soulful gospel, futurist hip-hop, analog circuitry noise, and elegant melody in hi-fidelity.

Joining this euphonic combination are Jeremiah Pacheco (bass), Dennis Mariano (guitar, vocals) “Overhand Sam” Snyder (overhand guitar), Benton Sillik (trumpet), and Josh Frisch (trombone). The band credits their musical scholarship to the internal attunement of the body to the experiential elements of sound vibrations. Buttery tones reign supreme. Thumping, low-end bass grounds the listener; percussive cymbals uplift and massage the mind; a polyphony of keys invoke shimmering soundscapes—the rest is determined by openness and the body of the listener.

Thunder Body shares the stage with Third World, the Wailers, Ozomatli, John Brown’s Body, Rubblebucket, the English Project, and countless others.

It is with genuine gratitude and respect toward their lineage that Thunder Body presents the next wave of genre-defying American roots medicine music. 


1. Devour
2. Get This Straight
3. Body Song
4. Whole Pocket
5. One Love


LP: Wind Blows Harder (2011)
1. Come What May
2. Ancestors
3. Buffalo
4. Full Circle
5. Wind Blows Harder
6. Work Very Hard
7. Don't Blink
8. Glide
9. Feel No Way
10. Must Have Been Easy
11. Victory
12. Tiger Crane
13. Strangers


Set List

Glide, Victory, Get on Board, One Source, Soon or Later, Devour, Push It, Buffalo Song, Weapon, Passion Song, Body Song, Get on Board, International Mother, Hole Pocket, Must Have Been Easy, Pollen Song...