Rochester, New York, USA

Thunder Body is neck deep in soul sounds. Embracing high-key horns and harmonies on a fat stack of new tunes, Thunder Body has rocketed into a new and grittier zone featuring a more uptempo setlist of roots music, in one form and another.
Formed in 2010, Thunder Body is catching some kind of new stride.


Our New Sound (and how it smells) - 

Thunder Body set out over the last year to distill and extract what it is that makes us undefinable, and to find out what our music really smells like.  A brief hiatus was taken from bookings and recording, and into the lab we went.  Insufficient for this band is the genre designation of "reggae."  It turns out that the essential oil of Thunder Body smells more like Otis Redding or Sly Stone than it does like ganja.  We found what we were looking for and created a more pure expression of exactly what Thunder Body does.  Ultimately a very American band, Thunder Body is some kind of Joe Cocker outfit, but it's all original music.  Thunder Body has a lead-singing drummer, a guy who plays the guitar overhand, huge horns, and a beautiful lady who crushes the organ, rhodes, and clav... real ones that make you shiver... and a couple other guys that'll just knock your socks off.  This is not a style you've tried before, and you haven't heard all of it until you've heard over a hundred songs.  Thunder Body is ready to take our place in todays slew of live acts as that super tight, psychedelic-gospel pushing, out-of-nowhere band with a huge sound and songs that deserve it.


Thunder Body - Our Roots

In the fall of 2009, having been on the road and finding themselves home again in Rochester, NY, Matthew O’Brian (lead vocals, drums) and Rachel Orke (keys) began to scheme a new group.  By spring of 2010, Thunder Body became an extension of the work these two had been doing in their previous band.  Joined by Jeremiah Pacheco (bass), Dennis Mariano (guitar, vocals), Brian "Colonel Parmisan" Blatt, and, slightly later, “Overhand Sam” Snyder (overhand guitar), Thunder Body at first focused on touring a familiar sound, steeped in roots reggae and dub - not the kind the kids are listening to today, but those styles, truly.  Thunder Body made an EP, two full length records, and a 2 song vinyl offering in our first three years, and recording became a greater priority than touring.  Listen for Parm on those first recordings.  Toward to end of Rachel and Matt's pregnancy in 2013, members of Thunder Body performed as the rhythm section on a Kevin Kinsella (10 ft. Ganja Plant, Former JBB) record.  We continued playing and recording at our usual pace.  All of this was love and magic at the time, but, having developed an air tight rhythm section, Thunder Body began searching for a deeper dig.  A creative regrouping became necessary.  Babies are born.  Seasons change.  We grow.  After a roughly one-year hiatus from recording or gigs, Thunder Body reemerged in a new form.  Benton Sillik (trumpet), Matthew Seiber-Ford (saxophone), and Abe Nouri (trombone) joined the band throughout 2015, taking Thunder Body into a new realm.  The first show with our full horn section was at Grassroots in July 2015, where our hourlong set featured more than half new songs, and all new arrangements.  We are in the infancy of a new time. 

Thunder Body has shared the stage with Ozomatli, Trombone Shorty, The Wailers, Third World, Monty Alexander, Rubblebucket, John Brown's Body, and Donna the Buffalo, among others.


1. Devour
2. Get This Straight
3. Body Song
4. Whole Pocket
5. One Love


LP: Wind Blows Harder (2011)
1. Come What May
2. Ancestors
3. Buffalo
4. Full Circle
5. Wind Blows Harder
6. Work Very Hard
7. Don't Blink
8. Glide
9. Feel No Way
10. Must Have Been Easy
11. Victory
12. Tiger Crane
13. Strangers


LP: Radioactive (2012)
1. Radioactive
2. 4 on the Floor
3. Hawk by the Highway
4. Anger Is Poison
5. Passion
6. Get on Board
7. Cherry Strut
8. Blues Blues
9. Threaten You
10. Moon Is a Lady
11. ...Unless You're a Nuclear Mystic, Let's Be Realistic...


Set List

Glide, Victory, Get on Board, One Source, Soon or Later, Devour, Push It, Buffalo Song, Weapon, Passion Song, Body Song, Get on Board, International Mother, Hole Pocket, Must Have Been Easy, Pollen Song...