Progressive yet catchy and easy to listen to.


The Thunderchild story as told by Michael Tuccinardi:

"With its fusion of prog-rock musicianship and the timeless sound of classic rock, Thunderchild delivers not only a unique sound but one which resonates long after the music has stopped. In the footsteps of rock's great power trios , Thunderchild consists of Drummer/master of percussion Andy Korajczyk, Bassist Nick Cioffi, and lead guitarist and vocals Chris Cioffi. Thunderchild in action leaves both the stage and the audience smoldering in their wake, as the Cioffi brothers build upon Andy's furiously-paced but meticulous rhythms, Nick's bass moving the beat along with incomparable precision, and Chris's unique blend of face melting guitar riffs and haunting vocals completing a majestic sound that few, if any could even imitate. Known for their progressive-edged original music and powerful lyrics as well as their diverse choice of covers, such as Sabbath’s “War Pigs”, Gov’t Mule’s “Blind Man in the Dark”, or Cream’s “Sitting on Top of the World”, Thunderchild’s performances continue to electrify audiences as they descend upon the world of rock with unsurpassed power and skill."

Set List

40 minute set lists, occasional covers of Cream's "Sittin on top of the world" or Black Sabbaths "Warpigs"