Niagara Falls, Ontario, CAN

THUNDERCLAP! is a dynamic solo performer often upstaging full bands. His interaction with an audience is charming & hypnotizing. His musicality and onstage antics have been described as Andy Kauffman, meets Charlie Chaplin, meets Freddie Mercury. His type of performance is "fresh" & a joy to experience.


  THUNDERCLAP is originally from the niagara region of Ontario, but has expanded into an international performing artist playing live hundreds of times all over North America and Europe.  A one man act, he possesses the bravery needed to take the stage alone. Although THUNDERCLAP was a member of many bands, he believes performing solo heightens the vulnerability of the performer, creating a more emotional rapport with the audience.

  The strength of this prolific songwriters originality was honed as a practicing method actor. His approach is honesty without a preconceived outcome, a pinch of poetic justice, a grand gesture or two and voila!  One hell of a peculiar minstrel that will leave you tapping your toes, then scratching your head, over the meaning of it all, in the end.




- The ministers fell down early in the morning. The ministers trying not to let down the attending, nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts, mothers and fathers, and the bride and the groom. Oh, what will they do? It's a tragedy! Everyone to the cars, the ministers dying, its a hospital wedding! (instrumental line repeating vocal melody)

- It's not supposed to be like this. The bride's at the end of her wits. The hospital GM never - saw this coming. We're way passed the occupancy. The halls were lined with patients gawking. When asked "if someone objects", a baby cried.

- The minister's dying at the hospital wedding. The minister's wearing a brave face while he's facing; cafeteria staff, maintenance workers, nurses and doctors, and the coroner too. Oh, what will they do? It's a tragedy! It's a hospital wedding, a hospital wedding, a hospital wedding! (instrumental line repeating vocal melody)

Let's find a meaning in this tragedy. (repeat endlessly)



Civilization is dimming all my primal senses, turning me
into a dullard, taking all the fight from me.
I'm so aggravated that i can't smell my enemy standing
right behind me learning all the things that makes
me weak... well I could be cozy and satisfied
living a routine... but that would not be
savvy... Its just around the bend you can
not escape it. The only thing that doesn't change is
that, yes, things are going to change.

I realize what it is to be sick and kept down,
to understand the mindset of a man who wants to
kill themselves. I've been given a glimpse
of time where the only remnants left behind,
is a cast iron steel will to survive.

Listen up! and hear the facts. Plant your ear
upon the tracks. If I ever have a boy
(and I will) this is what I'd say to do;
make them call you silver-back, HEY SILVERBACK! don't you
ever take this or that!
Don't admit to an unhealthy day-- thats
when the wolves will come to prey. don't
be afraid to be alone, and when you're young
move away from home. Its through sacrifice
and strength that you'll lead the way.

Smarten up! more is less. Don't let sentiment
interfere with business. If I ever have a boy
(and I will) This is what I'd say to do. Make
them call you silverback, HEY SILVERBACK! don't force
others to pick up your slack!
Grit your teeth, enjoy your meat. Look'm
in the eye, try not to lie. gain their
respect by staying the course. Its step
by step you'll learn to grow, and mercy me,
watch your back as you travel forth.

...and i will call you silverback and
I will promise you this fact, that I as your
blood predecessor, will instill these things
in you...



If you took one step down the path of sin,
be prepared for destruction boy of black
and blue extremes; and don't be surprised to
wake up and find your someplace you thought,
you'd never ever be...

And with that in mind step right the first
time, and chart a course with no end, with
no roof to hit your head and don't forget
to put the walls out on the curb, and don't
be disturbed, that there's no floor
beneath your feet.

So, uh you know, what I was saying before
one must sacrifice for focus, and delve
deep to the core... wait, I've lost my
train of thought again... Help me here. What
was I saying? ... oh yes, here it is.

So with such power and possibilities, you
might guess you'd get bored. Understand
you can control that too. There's nothing
you couldn't do. You could float through
space, conjuring schemes, inventing
feelings, easy at your whim.

The truths in life comes to us in rhyme.
the message seems to be, unrelenting...
..."don't mess with me".
Cause I always win.



This winter night lays oh so still.
Ice stays sound asleep on the trees,
where once there was rustling leaves,
nights like this are not strange to me.
The thick of night knocked on my door,
as it has many times before.
It would hold me tight by my scruff
and force me to breath the brisk air;
and to challenge all that was there.
Folks in town were settling down
in the warmth of their home and friends.
I'd watch from afar in the cold.
And didn't I know that it was cold.
Such bliss in the palm of my hand;
yes I had a family at home.
But look at those people in there,
its so hard for me to believe them,
that they're so settled and content.
they seem content with their progress
like, all the pieces of their lives,
have fallen nicely into place.

But not me, not tonight, I'm forced
to walking.... with the silhouettes
night line; with the girth of the city.
Its inseparable, oh - and that peculiar
sky: its browns, bronzes and greys tonight.
Its these kinds of hues, that make a good
excuse, so as a man can stand still, for minutes upon minutes of time... to
stare up at the sky... memories, no broken dreams,
no touching moments, no acquired things, there's
just me... finding whats funny in
my next breath...and whats to look forward
to in my next step. Its the natural
disposition of a walking man walking. Oh,
just when i thought, it might had of been
my last...


The E-O Schematics (1) LP, 1998
The Rainbow Thunderbolts (Silvertown) LP, 2003
THUNDERCLAP! Ghosts of Christmas Past, from the compilation album 'Snowy Streets.' And officially released on Canadian commercial radio in 2103
Full length LP solo album 'Hellbent on Success' has Canadian release Sept 2015'

Set List


1. I've got nothing - 2.5 MIN

2.Back at Square one (spoken word) - 1 MIN

3. Hospital Wedding- 3.5 MIN

4. Emegency Vehicles - 4 MIN.

5. China Doll - 3.5 MIN 

6. Don't let me slip away  -4.5 MIN

7. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/ Elton John - 3.5 MIN

8. Plain eclipse of the snake - 3.5 MIN

9. Inspirenjected - 2 MIN (SPOKEN WORD)

10. Silverback- 4 MIN