Zion, Illinois, USA

"Thunderdriver is a total anomaly in a scene that seemed to have a bit of everything... exept this. hard to describe, but what you get here is a totally kick-ass scruffy biker metal band that sounds like a cross between your favorite NWOBHM with one 45 to their name on one hand, and the heaviest Ted Nugent and Blackfoot songs on the other. Drink em' down, shoot em' up raucous rock for when those old SAXON albums wear out."Martin Popoff - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine


THUNDER DRIVER was formed in the fall of 2004 by Bart Goforth, Scott Evens & Mike Klingenberg in the little mid-west town of Zion IL. They decided that rock music is getting boring here in the United States & has been missing something for a long time. What they found missing is RAW power & energy along with great musicianship so they set out to start this band with intent to show people how to ROCK again. For 6 years now they have played everywhere from sweat soaked alcohol fueled basement shows to high profile gigs w/ legendary bands like TROUBLE (Chicago doom band) & THE LAST VEGAS (Well known Chicago hard rock band). THUNDER DRIVER finally has a full length album with proper distribution thanks to RETROSPECT RECORDS. The album is titled “Atomic Rock” with 15 fired up smokin’ tracks. With world wide distribution and a license to Rock the sky is the limit for this band of Rock n’ Roll Maniacs so jump aboard the DRIVER machine this is the future of ROCK N” ROLL.


Full Length Album:

Radio Play:
Down N' Dirty (Rebel Radio)
The Lariat (Rebel Radio)
The Curse (Local 101)

Devil Went Down To Alsip (Kill City Vol. 1)
THUNDERHEAD (BW&BK Knuckle tracks 109)

Set List

1.)The Terror
2.)The Bronski
3.)Atomic Rock
4.)Invader's Blues
5.)I want it Wrong
6.)Night If the Gypsy
7.)Return Of The Fog
8.)The Lariat
9.)Deveil went down to alsip

11.) License To Rock