Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
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A Fist Full Of Leather Bound Screaming Heavy Metal


ThunderFist is a heavy metal band that began in late 2008 pulling from the old school metal roots of Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Racer X, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, and etc. The band was put together with 5 open minded musicians to have one common goal of writing some metal tunes. Long story short the band recorded a 3 song EP in August 2009 along with working out a deal with Rock Hollow Records, but months later breaking up for a solid 10 months to pursue other bands...
July, 2010 the band reformed back replacing there older singer Joshua MacCready with current singer Matt Suter. ThunderFist has been back since and taking over the metal scene. They also have been writing new songs in there spare time for their first LP with 8 of the heaviest of metal tracks that is to be available early 2011.


Armies Of The Damned

Written By: Matt Suter

The sun begins to darken in the clear blue sky
Day becomes night as the dead begin to rise
The rivers flow with blood as they spill into the streets
The people scream in fear as the hoard begins to feed

Hellspawn, Armies of the Damned
Try to run, they'll get you in the end
Hellspawn, Armies of the Damned
Claiming the soul of every woman and man

Buildings collapse and bur, flames fall to the floor
Undead consuming flesh but still they search for more
Tearing through house and home obliterating lives
Quenching their blood lust ensures no one will survive

A huddled family in a darkened room
Out of the silence they hear a groan
A shadow walks into the light
And with a lunge they feel it's bite
Tendons snap and skin rips away
Cries and pleads , what can they say
Blood falls like crimson rain
Screams echo out again and again

Town ablaze, smoke pours to the sky
The perished victims of genocide
All through the streets their bodies lay
As the soulless mob drifts away
Nothing left, no life remains
They're moving on to feed again
So watch the sun as you see it fade
And hear the cries as they invade

Hellspawn, Armies of the Damned
Try to run they'll get you in the end
Hellspawn, Armies of the Damned
Claiming the soul of every woman and man


ThunderFist EP - Recorded with Rock Hollow Records and released in August, 2009.

Track Listing:

1. The BlackWatch 6:14
2. Bring Out Your Dead 7:37
3. ThunderFisted 5:19

ThunderFist LP - Currently in the works and everything being done by ThunderFist. Second set of songs to be recorded starting January 8th.

Unofficial Track Listing:

1. Screaming Heavy Metal
2. Abomination Of Desolation
3. Evil Has Spread
4. Armies Of The Damned
5. ThunderFisted
6. Angel Of Pain
7. Book Of Souls
8. Ferryman Of Acheron

Set List

Set List varies show to show and depending on how long of a set time we have...

Abomination Of Desolation
Angel Of Pain
Armies Of The Damned
Book Of Souls
EvilHas Spread
Ferryman Of Ancheron
Screaming Heavy Metal
Warriors Drudgery

Judas Priest - Dissident Aggressor
Judas Priest - JawBreaker
Judas Priest - Between The Hammer And The Anvil
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell