The Thunderfucks
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The Thunderfucks

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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"Review: End of Summer Mixtape Vol. 1 (by Oops Baby Records)"

". . . Thunderfuck’s “Sick Girl” is the type of rockabilly tune you’d expect to hear at a 1950s dive bar, or off a TV show from that time for us X generation kids . . . " - Remezcla Music


Still working on that hot first release.



With influences from Elvis to Joey Ramone to Danzig to Eddie Cochran, the King, Cash, Johnny Burnette, The Stray Cats, The Temptations, Teen Generate, The Saints, The Dictators and many more it's hard to really pin point the sound of the Thunderfucks. One song may sound like the New York Dolls, one like Social D, one like Screaming Lord Sutch, one like the Sonics. THE THUNDERFUCKS are a true Garageband in that they indiscriminately fuse and meld their influences and individual styles to create an Authentic, Original, & Genuine sound that is in the end just strait good Rock 'N' Roll.

Only having gotten together this February 2011, the band has risen the ranks and is already playing noteworthy festivals with National acts, and shows most bands would only be able to play after a couple of years. CVK (aka Charlie lead VOX) is trying to push the band forward and has a vision as far as The Thunderfucks are concerned. The band is Charlie's livelihood and he plans on taking good care of the project now and for a long time to come. With already 4 recordings waiting to be distributed, a strong string of shows, good street buzz, and a music video in the works there's much to be excited about.

"Leopardman" Tomo's last project was The Corpse Show Creeps(MN) that were a National Act for 3+ years on the Texas label Psychobilly US (The Rocketz, Koffin Kats, The Peacocks). Tomo's personal friends with Brian Setzer and finds much influence from Setzer and other Rockabilly greats; however, Tomo grew up playing classical guitar and is well versed in not just Blues scales, but also in Jazz and Classical scales. Playing for over 15 years, "The Leopardman" has his own sound that is as sharp as it is precise and poignant.

Kevin Cole (aka KC), an NYC native, has been playing since 1985 and has fronted his own band for 15+ years: THE TURBO ACS (NYC). KC is a thorough bred Rock 'N' Roll musician that has pushed his whole life through thick & thin, hard times & good times, through band break-ups to thousand crowd festivals and is still going stronger than ever. With The Turbo AC's brand new Internationally Acclaimed Album "KILL EVERYONE," off Stomp (US) & Concrete Jungle (GERMANY) the band is taking off and so is Kevin Cole having produced the album himself, winning over critics and fans all over the world. Kevin adds a level of experience and professionalism that not many bands have these days. Kevin's understanding of composition is also prolific and is very much so a dictating hand in arranging the music and generating strong dynamic in The Thunderfucks' sound. KC believe there is much promise in this particular project and it certainly gives him another creative outlet, did I mention he played for the ANTI-HEROES on drums during the late 80s?!?!?

"El Bandito" (aka Danny Goldstein), a native of Coney Island, BKLYN NYC, has been playing in the Punk Rock though sometimes mis-construed Brooklyn band THE STALKERS since their humble beginning back in 2006. During their start; however, things quickly picked up for the band so much so that their first album ended up catching the attention of some Brits overseas and were put on the bill at Leeds only a short time after their start. They were thought to be by industry professionals to be marketable and good enough to follow in foot steps of The Star Spangles & The Strokes at the time. Since then they've stuck to their guns and still play frequently touring occasionally and accruing the National recognition they rightfully deserve. Loved by the Local Punk & Rock 'N' Roll scene, much of the underground Brooklyn Rock 'N' Roll scene can be attributed to them. Danny's influences interestingly enough range from Doo-Wop to Soul to the more melodic 70s Punk Rock bands like The Ramones & The Boys. Totally self-taught, Danny's understanding of music is quite impressive and seems never-ending. His complex bass licks and melodic sound solidifies and colors the mid & bass tones of The Thunderfucks' sound.

Charlie V. Kong is the rookie in the band only having been playing in bands for 3 years. Though being only 25 and the youngest in the band, CVK is the primary songwriter, lyricist, and mind behind The Thunderfucks and their professional direction. With a bolstering catalog of 50 + original tunes and a voice that is reminiscent of Elvis, Danzig, and Ritchie Valens you'd think he'd have developed such a singing and writing style over a long period of time. Though quite humble, Charlie has a confidence and a presence on stage that can't be missed. These days there aren't many singers that croon as Charlie does other than some Roots singers and Blues singers. Charlie believes that in many ways it is what sets him apart from other frontmen: "...most singers these days are screaming, talking, or shouting, never trying to sing out a melody...seems as if the voice is no longer the primary instrument in a band, but instead accompanies the music...words seem to no longer