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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Thunderhawk - IV"

This tetrad of rockers have put forth “IV”, an album that compiles songs written during the last decade (even if Thunderhawk as a band has only been around for seven of those years). It was recorded in a living room, and that really is a feat in itself, as “IV” has a professional sound to it that only is broken during certain moments (such as the beginning to Flying Corpse/Fake Troops Ending). The band moves from simple rock to taking influences like Southern/country-rock bands (Lynyrd Skynyrd) one second to moving into a path that is completely their direction the next. In that sense, they are similar to fellow Hoosiers The Nancy School. The ability of Thunderhawk to elicit emotional response from their listening base during tracks like (Love Galaxy) is simply something that cannot be surpassed. Lead singer (and guitarist) Josh Hall really makes this song something that will draw a tear to a listener’s eye.

This band is destined for something bigger than central Indiana; the songs, like rough stones made smooth by the tumbler (or time, in Thunderhawk’s case), are smooth and nearly flawless. What is striking about Thunderhawk’s music is the extremely short length of the vast majority of tracks on “IV”. The entire nine tracks of the disc end slightly after the twenty-five minute mark, making the average tracklength well below three minutes. Yet, especially during tracks like “Constantine”, the band creates something that completely drops listeners out of a specific chronology and puts them into the band’s own reality, making a sub two-minute track feel like it lasted five. The ability of Thunderhawk to so specifically use their influences in their tracks – with track five sounding much more like an early-nineties alternative track than anything else on the disc – and yet make a disc that by and large is tied together is another fat checkmark in what makes them an exciting and impressive band.

Flying Corpse/Fake Troops Ending really is the track that makes “IV” for me, using journeyman guitar riffs (not particularly concerned with trying to wow with a virtuosic guitar solo) and sly, sedate vocals Thunderbirds really show that they know their stuff. While this disc has been eight years in coming, I have a feeling that the band’s next album will be able to build off the polish and finesse that is so present on this album. The longer tracks do provide listeners with the juicy breast meat of the Thunderbirds; perhaps the band will go with longer songs this next disc? I hope so.

Top Tracks: Flying Corpse/Fake Troops Ending, Karate Choppers

- Neufutur

"Thunderhawk - IV"

I’d like to find out more about the band Thunderhawk and their album IV, but their website contradicts the plastic that was sent to me. I’d also like to join their band, but I’m too old, live too far away, play the baritone ukulele and have too many responsibilities. Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want.
What life did give me was a compact disc of nine highly polished and well written power pop songs that draw from the best of the last four decades of pop. This is promising for those enrolled at Ball State, as three of the four members have degrees in music engineering from that educational institution. These members are, in order of height divided by graduation date, Josh Hall (vocals and instruments), Doug Market (instruments), Greg Dixon (guitar) and Justin Darrow (bass).
Thunderhawk formed in 1994, taking its name from a sarcastic attempt to attract enough of the ubiquitous metal fans to satisfy venue owners. But there isn’t any metal or even hard rock on IV. Nope What you get, at least what I got on the nine song pre-release version, is free-wheeling pop and rock with loads of classic touches. Your mileage may vary on the “over 30 song” version listed on their website, or on the 22-song version referred to on their online press release.
Unfortunately, the disc I received didn’t have song names, so I’ll make them up. “Feldspar” features clean guitars, breezy 60s pop, and the feel-good vibe of The Spongetones. A Pavement influence is found in “Gravy Pajamas,” which is heavier to the point of mega-power-pop, causing the singer to sing “All I see are robots when I sleep.” “Lunch Money for the Dead” and “Llama” both sport a Ween sheen, one with gritty rock and the other with more fanciful rock elements, a great, driving guitar melody and a catchy vocal line. The lazy, ambling “Conduit Skies” is Beach Boys meets Guided by Voices, and “Sleepytime Gorilla Museum” takes a chunky Kinks riff and a classic rock guitar solo to the inevitable conclusion of a massive “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” repeating wall of overdriven guitars. The album closes with “Pink Bunnies,” a raucous, distorted, gritty garage rocker.
To get your hands and ears on this excellent and excellently recorded album fly on over to and see if they’ll sell you one. The price is either $15 or $13, depending on the page you are viewing, the browser you are using and the name of your podiatrist.
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- Whatzup


Thunderhawk IV - Bands newest full-length album released independently in 2005

Powerlifting ep - bands latest, we can release an ep every week if we had too, we write alot of songs!

Our music has been featured on podcasts such as Insomnia Radio and The Good Beer Show, it has also been released to most college and high school radio stations in Indiana.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thunderhawk was formed in 1998 by Ball State University (Muncie, IN) students Josh Hall (Philadelphia, PA) and Doug Market (Essex, ON, Canada). In the beginning we spent most of our time in basements writing off the wall abstract numbers drawing influences from Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices), Pavement, Pixies, Ween, and of course The Beatles.

During University we sarcastically dubbed ourselves Thunderhawk to attract the attention of local metal listeners which was the majority of music fans in their area. In 2002 we found ourselves scattered after Doug's Visa ran out and was forced to move back to Canada. Thunderhawk struggling to find weekends and holidays to meet in Indiana or Canada to play, finally in 2004 we were able to all move to Indiana and focus on our passion. Finding like-minded musicians was difficult until Drew Sexton and Justin Darrow were then finally introduced. Along with Josh Hall, Justin Darrow has earned a degree in music engineering from Ball State University. This has allowed Thunderhawk to write, record, and produce all of our own songs in the comfort of our homes or basements for that matter.

With a backlog of over 300 songs that only a select few ever heard, Thunderhawk was ready in 2005 to publically release music and perform at larger venues. The response has been very positive but either way we have always found happiness playing for ourselves in our basements. With numerous shows under our belts and a growing fan base it seems we are just getting started.

Thunderhawk’s newest album “Thunderhawk IV” is available online at, the album features 25 or so songs and has received very positive reviews.