Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Thunderhawk is a essentially a one-man basement rock magician, bridging GBV and Hum.


From Insomnia Radio:
"In the vein of Bradsucks, Chance, and devoted to countless other talented solo basement musicians, it's an honor to (re)present Thunderhawk. From a little town called Muncie, Indiana (also home to a great podcast called The Good Beer Show, and rising stars Margot and the Nuclear So and So's) Josh Hall writes, performs, engineers, and masters dozens of musical gems full of life, honesty, quirkiness, catchy riffs, and raw talent. Gravity Wins! is his fifth album, and is available on CDBaby. The track "Style Points" is from said album, and it was NOT easy to choose a single song. So I'm also throwing in "I've Got a Bullet With Your Name On It." And on a personal note, I really believe Thunderhawk has the writing chops and talent it takes to make it in a crowded indie scene. Grab these two tracks, and judge for yourself."


Slice of Standard, Label Sampler