Thunderlip is an Explosive Rock band. With an incredible live show, that soothe's your rock n' roll soul! With infectious guitar leads, powerful rhythms, and soulful vocals. Thunderlip holds true the essence of rock n' roll.


Thunderlip is influnced from all forms of rock and blues.As far back as the earliest blues of Robert Johnson and Howlin Wolf.The classic powerhouse rock of ACDC and Deep Purple.The late 70's to 80's metal of Sabbath and Iron Maiden.Thunderlip fuses all influences to a modern form of Big,Powerhouse Rock!

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Thunderlip has released one full length,self titled album on Lucid Records(Chicago). Named one of Fuel TV's 5 best metel bands of 2005. Ranked on CMJ's radio charts in the top 20 in '05. The band is in working of a new full length album "The Prophecy" due this coming winter.

Set List

Thunderlip usually plays 45 minute sets. Can go longer or shorter,depending on whats needed.