Thunderpants is an 80's hair cover band that specializes in stage performance. These days, learning the songs is a must for local bands, but dresing up and living out the ridiculousness and excess of 80's rock on stage is where Thunderpants steals the show.


Thunderpants was born out of the desire to play in something other than carbon-copy local bands. I approached Jill, a leggy blonde girl with a Betty Rubble laugh, in the summer of '05 about fronting a full-production hard rock band because she was notoriously not shy on stage. To this proposition she replied, "only if you'll let me squeeze into a skin tight skirt to help me belt out the high notes." Needless to say, Thunderpants was here (our pants barely conceal our unbelievable thunder). So, we combed the rough part of town for a couple of bruisers to fill out our rhythm section, bought a few hideous wigs, tailored some vinyl pants, stole some pirate's shirt, picked up a few pole-dancing/junk-thrusting/arse-shaking moves from the local flappers, and learned all our favorite 80's rock hits. The rest is Thunderpants history.


Thunderpants has produced one self-titled three-song demo cd used primarily for securing bookings. Downloads of the songs are available at the website and at our myspace page at

Set List

Thunderpants' set list is comprised exclusively of "80's hair band" covers (see below). The typical show runs about 2 to 3 hours, but we have played sets as short as a few songs for special events. Current set list:
Any Way You Want It
Heaven's On Fire
Over the Mountain
Rock You Like a Hurricane
18 and Life
I Remember You
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
Bad Medicine
You Give Love a Bad Name
Sweet Child O' Mine
Dr. Feelgood
Nothin' But a Good Time
Round and Round
I Can't Drive 55
No One Like You
Black and Blue
Holy Diver
Cult of Personality
Monkey Business
Give Me All of Your Love
Wheel in the Sky
Don't Go Away Mad
You Really Got Me
Sweet Emotion
Talk Dirty to Me
Love in an Elevator
Crazy On You
It's Not Love
Paradise City
Lay It Down