Thunder X

Thunder X

 Oakland, California, USA
BandHip HopChristian

Sounds of thunder, jazz trumpet blaring, pluse grabbing beats,smooth melodic poetic rap with words that are passionate, Scriptural,honest @provocative. With different tempos, from Holy Hip hop to jazz-n-rap combined , contemporary christian to praise and worship I Thunder His Praise with annoiting.


I grew up in a family where all genre's of music were honored. I start playing the trumpet at 9 yrs old. Earned a scholarship to college but ended up in the county jail instead. Disillusioned and hurt by domestic violence, sexual abuse and racial predjudice I ,in anger, chose to rob a pawn shop to earn money for a band. In the county jail I received Christ as my Savior. Later in the state pen I played in the prison jazz band, start playing the acoustic guitar and singing praise songs. Upon my release I ended up in a aberrant christian sect and after a year got out of the group but lost faith in God and in myself. In a drug addicted rage as I was just about to take another's life (I did not take that life) I had a spiritual awakening that human life was sacred stamped with God's image and that also meant that my life was sacred also (profound feelings of significance). I was sentenced to five years for the attempt to take another's life. Later back in prison, after asking forgiveness and giving my heart back to God, I wrote a rap song about God being my Father-He truly forgave me and adopted me as His son in Christ- which started a deep soul healing, cleansing and spiritual infilling; the genesis of the "Thunder Sound"was born. I sing, rap, play acoustic gitaur and the trumpet; I also write and produce songs I hear by His inspiration. Whether jazz, folk, hip hop,Holy hip hop,rock, contemporary christian or praise and worship I do all in the name of the Lord who has mercy on me. I Thunder His Praise with a sound from the guttermost to the uttermost, check out this annoited fresh sound. A Bay area Pastor called this sound " Fresh Baked Bread".


He's My Father

Written By: Thunder X

Thunder His praise, all day everyday Father God [i]s the One who rules and reigns, He's strong to save with truth and grace comin back one day taken over this thang, He's immortal, invincible, wonderful, powerful, mighty God, Living God, does the impossible, strong to save everyday He rules and reigns< chorus: He's my Father, He's my Father, My Father is God, He's my Father praise God! [repeat] 2nd verse: The Father Son Holy Spirit lovin one another and enjoyin it each and every moment,it was all so good they decided to share and in Genesis one they said "let us make man" to rule be fruitful and multiply to love the Lord your God and to eat the tree of life to do what's pleasing in His sight to be with Him forever one with Him in paradise, but the man and and the woman chose their own way, didn't listen to the Lord they disobeyed, plunged into sin the whole human race, full of shame and blame their destiny changed from children to slaves, death and the grave, denied put away but don't be dismayed His Love saved the day and made a way for the woman and man to make a change..God's justice demanded, God's justice demanded, God's justice demanded! His justice demanded His Sons' blood as the price for our sin debt to be paid, at the appointed time n day Christ came to die on the cross to take our place, the earth shook shaked and quaked the sun faded slipped gave away to darkness happening about noonday, reaching heaven's throne the Angles moaned and groaned high noon it was on and full of forlorn, the Father had to turn His back on His Son, He'd become an offering for sin savin us from the predicament we were in,loving pain in His eyes He died as He cried "it is finished" the debt was paid in full and done so we as daughter's and son's can be full of the wonder of His wonderful Love shout hallelujah the victory we've won!! break it down..trumpet solo: chorus>Praise God!!!

Greatest/Holy creed

Written By: Thunder X

For God [the greatest Lover] So Loved [the greatest degree] The world[the greatest company]That He Gave[the greatest act] His Only Begotten Son [the greatest gift]That whomsoever [the greatest invitation] Believes In Him [the greatest simplicity] Shall Not Perish [the greatest promise] But Have [the greatest assurance] Everlasting Life[the greatest Possession] Now that's what I'm talkin about! I'm talkin about 2x, I'm talkin about the Love between my Lord and me and all He did by setting me free and shedding His Blood on calvary and by His life I'm redeemed, He's giving the strengh to stand up strong and with His Love I can't go wrong, My God my Savior and my friend now I'll live or die for Him, He's the one I adore and with His Love He always gives me more for sho're His Love's forevermore, well, I'm callin up on the name of the Lord He saves me Father Son-n- Holy Spirit Divine family, Trinity in unity unity in Trinty Three person distinctly One Divine Reality, the One What and Three Who's now what you gonna do, gotta be saved by grace through faith in Christ alone, In Christ alone-n- not by the works that we have done, that we have done, coz its only through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that your saved and have eternal life,eternal life, not my truth that I chose that I choose to recieve but His truth absolute I choose to believe, and I'm better for this a new creature in Christ and I'm tellin it I'm yellin it can you hear it in your ear I'm not sellin this, from the house tops at the mall to the city hall name'n claimin proclaimin Christ is Rulin and Reign'n, He's Lord of all, crucified in Him I died in Him and now I'm on the rise in Him, fighting by faith, runnin the race, keepin the pace, its all by Grace, holdin stride not lookin behind reachin forth for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus yeah I'm down for this; and now eternal life is truly mine and can be your's too its time to choose, its a choice of revelation, relation do it right now, right now with no hesitation, be perceptive receptive irrespective of another's deception, for the Spirit and the Bride now say come coz Jesus Christ is soon to return, and if your name is written in the Lamb's book of life you'll enjoy Gods' best and like me you'll have EVERLASTING LONG LASTING NEVER ENDING, I'm not Pretending, TRANSCENDING EVERLASTING EVERLASTING LIIFFFEE!


Written By: Thunder X

Creation its a wonder to behold, mountains valley's trees so bold and beautiful, sun moon day night stars in the sky, created and made by master design, from the smallest details to the great huge thangs all so good that the Lord God made
Chorus: Testimonaae testimonaae testimonaae-ee [it's a testimony] Testimonaae testimonaae testimonaae-ee O stamped by His Signet ring
verse 2
teach to ya reach to ya open your ears would ya coz I was sent to bring it to ya, ya say from out of nothing through an amoeba from the sea ya came to be, that's something I'd really like to see- getting something from nothing, from nothing comes something- funny why doesn't it happen to my money, Darwin was fooled and embraced a lie, evolutionize, ya need your mind revolutionized, some day you'll look the Almighty in the eye then whose existence will be denied
Chorus >Bridge Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!
verse 3
evolutionist the fossil record embrasses you, real truth as it is militates against you, your blind can't see listen to me there's no missing link, I repeat transitional mechanisms are not found, stop foolin and clownin around, stinkin thinkin got you sleepin and blink'n, slippin dippin trippin over truth that your missin,like a twister blowin junk into a jet, junk science at best, failing the test, a scholarly mess, makes no sense let me school you in this, God full of Lovin, stepped out on nothin, grabbed a whole bunch of somethin threw it out there no where spread everywhere to be there it came back a universe, that's Genesis one chapter and verse, chaos to reality- reality by design I report you decide God is alive the LIVING TRUE HOLY LORD GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY
Chorus>Bridge>Chant: The ax is laid to the roots we choppin the lie's with the truth [4x's]
Architect, Creator, Designer, Ruler- The Heavens announce the Glory of God;the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they are speaking to you; night after night they display knowledge. There is no culture or language where there speaking is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the end of the world (Psalm 19:1-4) PRAISE GOD!


First Ep titled: His Love is Great. released 1995 Under Liquid Prayer.
Single titled: Blow them up first. Released 2003 response to 9-11 Released under Terrific T
Soon to be released (March of 2012)LP titled: Rise of Thunder X. Check out on you tube the video of featured song "Riding Along" Thunder X Playing the trumpet and rapping(12-2010) On my space He's my Father and I/we shall overcome can be heared. Links are on my sonic bids webpage.Press video on the sonic bids page and see my performance at Alanta Fest [June 2011], the sound man bumped the track and caused it to start over after the track had already started but I adjusted and kept going. Enjoy!

Set List

I use a microphone headset with cordless acoustic gituar I will need a mic (with a stand) for the trumpet. I'm compensated for travel expense, room and board with a pay range from 500.00 to 5,000.00 I use performance tracks so my guest list right now is just me.