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thunderstruck ac/dc tribute band

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This band has not uploaded any videos





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> keith edens ( on Sunday, August 20, 2006 at
> 00:22:44
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> Message: Hey I was at your concert at the Holmes county fair grounds.I
> loved your show and I wanted to come to your site which I did and I wanted
> to get to your demo but it wont let me listen to it. I know it's not my
> computer so I think you should get your site checked out. I will be
> checking back. ROCK ON DUDES well You guys are awesome and this might
> sounds way crazy but you guys sound BETTER than AC/DC dang they need a
> lightening bolt on these keyboards well I thought I would let you guys
> know about it:D

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> tyler ( on Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 14:20:03
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Message: u guys r sweet i watched u guys play at millersburg saturday
> night you rock

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Tami ( on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 11:34:58

Message: Hey Guys: Saw you at the holmes county fair and you were
awesome...... I am a BIG fan of the AC/DC group and felt like i was there with
them, you guys need to play more local gigs like wooster/ creston...... Hope to
see you soon..... a big fan..... oh yeah Blackout your opening band
rocked...... enjoyed the whole night. LOVE YA ALL



Still working on that hot first release.



BAND BIO THUNDERSTRUCK consists of 5 of Ohios top musicians with over 70 years combined experience. Playing hundreds of shows a year is nothing new for these men. Vocalist Scotty Stinger Stenglein is a larger than life front man that can work a crowd into a frenzy. His energy and searing vocals make him a perfect choice for Thunderstruck. Scott has gigged with Wicked Lester, Fat Angus and toured with Hells Bells. Guitarists Steve and Jimmy Papes are true brothers just like Angus and Malcolm Young. Steves tight heavy rhythms back his brother Jimmys unbelievable leads. There is no duo like these guys anywhere. They both formerly gigged with BonFire. Bassist Karl Phillips is a rock. His machine like playing is his forte`. Karl has played in many area bands including Wicked Lester. Drummer Mideo Octavio is the anchor that holds this band down. His stadium sized beats and precise timing is awesome. Mideo has gigged with Wicked Lester, 21 South, JP Country and has toured with Clint Black. There are many AC/DC tribute acts across the country, but there is no one that has the looks and sounds of AC/DC like Thunderstruck. This band is RADICAL! Enjoy your demo, and consider Thunderstruck for your next function or club date. After all everyone loves AC/DC