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single: Blow'n daily produced by Tyler "JigE" Young
Album: Sex & Drugs



Every so often, an artist comes along that defines, the true meaning of hip hop & earns the respect of his fellow artist. From commercial to indie artist thuro has been branding his name into the minds of them for years.

Cory"Thuro"Livingston ws born may 22, 1986 in the small industrial town of morgan city, La. Early in his adolesents thuro was influenced by a number of music genres such as gospel, R&B, soul, & (Of course)hip-hop.

With artist such as snoop dogg, ugk, outkast, 8ball & MJG,cash money,jay-z & more to craft & study there blueprints to success, when that question was asked, as a child,"what do you want to be when you grow up?" thuro answered the question with the answer that would set his dreams into motion... "I wanna be a rapper.."

As a child, thuro showed his dreams & ambitions by starting a small, neighborhood record label named,"shine tight records." Influenced by movies such as the temptations,the 5 heartbeats, the jacksons 5 biography, and many more films & sondtracks to come. Later, he and his longtime friend brandon poole acquired th melodic sounds & beats of cousin & producer Tyler "JigE" Young to fulfill & master there matuing style & rap skills.

By the mid 2000's, thuro outgrew his small town roots and began a new group tha would set the pace for his present day music & business ventures. Thuro took his brand of maturing lyrical skills and his longtime music partner JigE's expanding beats catolog and started the new and improved company. But,this time instead of a record label, thuro started an entertainment group named, "Grind & glory entertainment. The name was choosen to represent the "grind" that has been put into the music & buliding his style & brand of hip hop the "Glory" is to represent the promises made to his friends & family of success.

Sometime in late 2006, thuro broke out of his small town roots by making a move that will change his life for better & worst. He & producer JigE' packed there bags, told friend & close family goodbye and headed for the lone star state, destination... Houston, TX. Upon arriving in houston,Thuro was faced with tough times. Dealing with doors being slammed in his face, homelessness, And a close friend of his dying in his arms from fatal gunshot wounds. With the music industry evolving, Thuro, with his back to the wall tried & succeeded at selling his music in a unique but charming way. By packing his demo in a brown paper bag & writing inspirational sayings to inspire fans to follo there dreams & appreciate the hip hop art form.

As time went onn Thuro's buzz began to get larger by the days & weeks. With artist such as lil boosie, weebie, ugk,8ball & MJG, big krit,currency da hot spitta, slim thug, & other commercial & indie artist blessing him with oppurtunties to open up showcases & club circut slots all around the southern region. After being in houston and other cities around texas, He and producer JigE' came across a "Big" music festival that fit the style & culture and represents everything that they believe will bring hip hop & all genres of music together for days of music, networking, and a chance to showcase there hardwork & dedication to the music industry. South by southwest. with dreams & aspirations of reaching labels & A&R's they put together an album that will later be called an,"instant underground classic. "Sex & drugs" Is a blend of hard-hitting hip hop classics with radio & club friendly singles.

With hardwork & struggles, Divided by hustle, faith, & drive, you equal out to this up & coming musically talented artist/entertainer. With banging beats, and lyrics, thuro has been at it for 10 years independently and when the right oppurtunities strikes, cory"Thuro" Livingston will bring the grind & glory to wherever the crowd is in desprite needof real,true, hip hop...LONG LIVE HIP HOP...