Thusia is a progressive christian rock band from Whitesburg, Ky that desires to live their lives out loud for Jesus. Thusia is known for their technical drum beats blended with catchy guitar riffs and uplifting melodies. The first Thusia show you attend will definitely leave you begging for more


Roots run deep with Thusia and it's band members. Much like many successful bands, Thusia has experienced line-up change after another. It all started with Mike Hall and Kenny Miles, the band's now interchangeable guitarists and vocalists. The two formed an acoustic ensemble while still in grade school and the band grew from there. Kenny's younger brother Hayden Miles soon picked up drumming and was adopted as the band's drummer. Around the time that Thusia was formed in it's entirety, the band adapted a scream-o sound to fit the local music scene. Soon after, Thusia experienced a line-up change. Bassist Eli parted ways with the band and another bassist, Anthony Mullins took his position. Thusia continued to pursue a scream-o sound until they experienced yet another line-up change. Replacement bassist Anthony made his departure and new (and current) bassist Jonathan Grindstaff joined. Rebelling from the local music scene's tireless hardcore sound, Thusia re-entered the scene with something East Kentucky had yet to see. With the band's unbelievable musical influence diversity, every member brought something of their own to the new and improved Thusia. Armed with plenty of songs and original beats, the band provides a well-deserved breath of fresh musical air. Not to mention, every Thusia show is sure to be one you won't soon forget. After the trials and tribulations of being a local scene outcast and experiencing the volume of line-up changes as Thusia has it's safe to say that if the music itself doesn't win you over, the drive and determination of Thusia will. Even though, Thusia always wants to blow you away with awesome music, their number one priority is to spread the love of Jesus Christ.


The Beat(8 song EP)-self recorded/produced/released 2008

Thusia Live CD-self released, recorded at Summit City Lounge in Whitesburg, Ky

Set List

Thusia sets typically last 30-40 minutes.
They have an extensive list of original songs. (listed below)

The Beat
Tick Tock
The Fire
Unchained Compliments
Here in the First Place
Right Now
Your Face is a Mirror
Everything but the Princess
Lady in the Water
The Best