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"Alternative News: full to the brim with hooks"

Thylacine's CD started out slow and odd and literally caught me off guard. Right away, "BANG", it picked up, grabbed ahold of me, and kept me listening from start to finish!

The effects and bluesy lead guitar work are nothing short of excellent. Rob Mercier has just done an outstanding job mixing the music on this disc. I've never heard anything like it before! What can I say about Susan Cruickshank's vocals? I'm reminded of Deborah Harry of Blondie, not by duplication of style, but rather similarity in intonation. I'd say I like Susan's voice much better.

My favorite song on this disc is # 8, "Pale Angel". This is a nicely done recording full to the brim with hooks. I'd give this one a 7. If you like to delve into interesting and alluring music, give this one a try. With music like this, Thylacine the band will not be extinct anytime soon. Release date was May 30th. Get it. For more info go to their website at
-Scott Rich - The Alternative News

"The Noise: brilliantly original"

Brilliantly original, Thylacine is the best thing ever to come out of UMass Lowell (well, that and my tech writing certificate). "Dark" debuts with Mark Whittaker's tiptoeing stand up bass, then yields to Susan Cruickshank sweetly crooning, "I only do it in the dark..." On a dime, she turns on the tough grrrl sexiness of Debbie Harry or Shirley Manson---but with a twist of jazz. Rob Mercier manipulates guitar, bass, keys, and programming with finesse. "Speed of Light" has the synth feel of an '80s tune (think Berlin), the keyboards captivating enough to make Asia or even ELP blush. "When Beauty Comes to Town" is ponderous in a hypnotic Depeche Mode kind of way. "Horribly Wrong" is wonderfully right with swirling wah wah, foreboding chord changes, and a sorrowful bluesy guitar from the David Gilmour school of technique. "Collide" is stinging distortion and percussion fit for a foggy swamp. If you have not guessed by now, I like this. (Tony G) - The Noise (Boston)

"4/15/04 Live Show Review"

Dark Sky Entertainment's third installment promises, "angry GRRL dark guitar rock." No stranger to female wrath, I proceed with masochistic mirth!
Susan Cruickshank is a lanky siren who writes all the lyrics, much of the music, and sings majestically over Rob Mercier's axe attack. Renaissance man Rob also conquers keyboards, bass, and drum machines. On "Cold" Rob's devilish solos are hot! Susan's vocals cement her chanteuse status on the swirling, "Beauty." With lilting tempo and fuzzy guitar, "Speed" sounds like Garbage, the band Garbage, that is! Next, Thylacine covers "She Bop" and gets the early crowd clapping. A brilliantly Bjorkless "Army of Me" follows. Rob's whammy bar falls out for the second time. Depeche Mode's dynamic "I Feel You" is jarring to its abrupt ending. "Angel," a bluesy ballad with shades of Santana, has a Nico McBrain clone blissfully swaying by the T-shirt table! (Tony G) - The Noise (Boston)

"Northeast In-Tune: a rare hybrid"

So how does this band’s name correspond to their musical message? Well, just as the Thylacine is an extremely rare and wild mix of animal, this band mirrors such qualities when it comes to their songwriting. Usually with a band consisting of two members, the music would reflect a sense of simplicity or perhaps accompaniment. While the latter half is true with Thylacine, the facets of their work, ranging from progressions to live performance, are anything but the run of the mill. With the aid of a Mac laptop this two-person band sounds as though there are at least triple the amount of musicians performing live.
Like the animal they are dubbed after, this band is a rare hybrid of everything and nothing, combining to create something fresh. While the music creates tension and shock musically, I believe that the goal of doing such was preplanned and orchestrated to success.
-Daniel Lavagna -

"Nomasonha Magazine: electronic ear candy"

Thylacine: Self-titled
10-song CD Self-released

Thylacine is a duo from the Boston area that is one part Garbage, one part Lords of Acid, and, strangely, some electronic and pop influence. All the electronic ear candy and layers of clean and dirty guitar made me think this had been produced by Butch Vig (Garbage, Nirvana).

Despite the fact that I'm a metalhead at heart, I found myself attracted to the music. Soft, dark, and haunting at times, the team of Rob Mercier (guitar) and Susan Cruickshank (vocals) use textures and ambience to set the stage for head pounding explosions that further pull the listener into their musical abyss.

Susan and Rob play all the music themselves and, for live performances, use backing tracks for drums, keys and bass. There are more and more bands taking this approach nowadays and I hope these two pull it off.

I recommend this group to anyone who is looking for something a little different, a little off center, and certainly not conventional.

Performance: 4 Songwriting: 3.5 Production: 3.5 Recommend this: YES

- Otto Kinzel - Nomasonha magazine


Thylacine - self titled 10 song CD



Thylacine is a mix of rock/pop melody, gritty guitar and electronic ambience.
Their unique blend of styles and genres comes from multi-instrumentalist Rob's love of guitar-rock and rap, and singer-songwriter Susan's love of 80's new-wave and electronic music. Some influences that can be heard throughout Thylacine's work include Pink Floyd, Van Halen, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Joe Satriani, Annie Lennox, and Guns N Roses.
The band is currently playing shows in the Boston area. Thylacine remains a duo in a live setting, with Rob on guitar and Susan on vocals. Original backing tracks are supplied by a triggered Mac laptop. Thylacine can also play acoustic shows consisting of original and cover songs.