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This band has not uploaded any videos



"North Wales Tour 2007"

Since being weened and wormed on the scene as The Bitchpups a little over 4 years ago, Forgotten Sleep have now left the canine soiled pavements of joy, put down all the old material and rewritten their own history. The innocent pigtails of Rachel Lewis were replaced by bass vixen Hannah Modget, who had been watching her younger brothers Gaz and Matt from the wings and she injected the missing ingredient into this already incendiary band.
The re-labelling and re-direction is necessary when you're a band pursuing that pot of gold at the end of the A&R rainbow. It's a shit business, you have to lick the right arses and sleep with the right whores to get anywhere near even the coffee machine at a record company. Talent? Don't be silly, that's just a by-product.
I'm unsure as to Forgotten Sleep's tongue tecniques or their bedtime antics, but their talent comes by the truckload and that truck has a tank full of pure energy, unleashed everytime they switch on their amplifiers.
"Say Something" is my favourite; it kinda opens with a whimper before blasting out a perverse 'My Sharona' twisted riff that slams home what Forgotten Sleep are here to do – punk rock. There's nothing nice about this music and it's not meant to be. It's intense and demands your attention and for a three-piece they create an awful lot of power.

Bigger and more epic than their previous guise expect to see the name Forgotten Sleep everywhere over the coming months – hell – they almost played a gig in my living room the other night! - Neil Crud

"Definitely one to look out fo"

This feisty trio are lacking nothing apart from a bit of good luck to take them into the big time. Embarrassingly, my repressed male chauvinist side always recoils at the thought of women playing in rock bands but, on this occasion, was definitely shown up for the massive twat he is.

Bassist Hannah brings a feminine poise to the band’s hard driving and at times understated musical offerings, and lacks nothing when it comes to rock-star quality. She tells me about how she once had to sort out a troublesome stage invasion by twatting some guy off the stage with her bass. She is not a lady to be trifled with.

Her brother, guitarist and singer Matt, ranges in countenance between a floppy haired, meaty riff monster and haunting melodic crooner, while their massive drummer Gaz commands the rhythm section with all the aggression of Attila the Hun on a rape and pillage frenzy.

There are so many influences clamouring to get out of this band; Gaz admits to me that it’s so difficult for them to categorise themselves that they simply refer to their music as “alternative”. - Bristol Bands


Debut single due for release September 2009 on Levelsound.
Videos: Year of the Dog, Say Something (live) and My Last Time (



Thyrd Eye are a sibling trio from Monmouthshire with a debut single due for release in September 2009 through Levelsound Records.
Our music is a journey through grunge, metal and punk, with surprise detours (and a little help from Bob Moog). At times our songs are brutal and dark, they grab at your heart, set it racing and drop it down with a dirty great thud. Yet at other times they’re as catchy as pop, with melodies that remain long after our music has ended.
What you may hear at first is an infectious melody carried by grunge guitars and thunderous drums, but we are out to deceive. Our songs take a diversion which can be sweet or sour, ear-piercingly loud or soft and fragile. Hard driving guitar riffs stack up against vocals that turn from screaming punk staccato to sweet and ethereal. Queens of the Stone Age, Throwing Muses, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Masters of Reality, Melvins, The Cure, Sonic Youth and Pixies are just some of our influences.
We have recently supported Jubilee on the Hereford leg of their UK tour. Jubilee include Aaron North (ex Nine Inch Nails) and Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age). We have also supported Zico Chain and Betty Curse at Bristol Carling Academy, The Subways at TJ’s Newport and Enter Shikari at Coleford Music Festival.