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Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
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"ti-an-guis: ti-an-guis (2013)"

ti-an-guis: ti-an-guis (2013)

Published: March 12, 2014

ti-an-guis, the self-titled debut album of the group ti-an- guis, is a unique contribution to contemporary folk and world music. Vocalist Lovorka Hojevac, guitarists Francisco Medina, Carlos Henrique Jacques Anderson, bassist Noa Stroeter, and percussionist Pepe Garcia come together to form a world fusion ensemble that is truly global. The individual musicians come from Mexican, Croatian, Brazilian and Portuguese backgrounds. Remarkably, their choice of repertoire is even more diverse.

The album features eleven folk songs originating from locales as distant as Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Central America. However, the interpretations of these musical traditions undergo considerable transformations as each member of ti-an- guis applies his/her own conceptions and styles to the tune. The final products are sonically unique melting pots of folk and world music traditions embodied within tight orchestrations and arrangements.

"Ederlezi" comes from the Roma musical tradition, and is given an intriguing treatment by ti-an-guis. The song begins with a complete unaccompanied melodic exposition by Holjevac. Understated nylon string guitars and bass accompany the next iteration of the melody, but the final iteration with the full orchestration is vigorous and aggressive. It's an effective and exciting development of the already captivating tune.

The Croatian tune "Ljubav Se Ne Trži" sounds like a dance piece in cut-time, but the arrangement fully exploits all of the potential instrumental combinations. These range from heavily percussive textures featuring strummed guitar to vocal melodies doubled by the guitar (and then the bass) to instrumental solo sections.

"La Ma Deco" is one of the most beautiful melodies on the album, originating in Afro-Brazilian tradition. The melody is sung in chorus and accompanied by lilting guitar work and the evocative timbres of various hand percussion instruments. While the previously mentioned songs are energetic and effusive, "La Ma Deco" displays how sensitive and effective the musicians can be in a ballad context.

The album's diversity does not detract from its cohesion or power. The success of ti-an- guis' interpretations is a welcome demonstration of the potential for creative music in this increasingly small world.

Track Listing: Bo e die meu cretcheu; Ederlezi; So te kerau; E mousasa; La lucha; Los juiles; Ljubav se ne trzi; La ma de co; Ey guzel kirim; M'bore; El aguanieve.

Personnel: Lovorka Holjevac: voice; Franciso Medina: guitar; Carlos Henrique Jacques Anderson: guitar; Noa Stroeter: bass; Pepe Garcia: percussion.

Record Label: Snip Records - All About Jazz, by Mike Openheim

"ti-an-guis - "ti-an-guis""

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"[ ti-an-guis my latest musical inspiration ; ]"

This is some beautiful and interesting music which had been shared with me by my friend today. I had a such a pleasure to listen to this tune that I went back to the network to find more information about that. It paid back quickly ;] I found that the band called ti-an-guis is signed with a Dutch Snip Records label and just realized their debut recording for them.
The members of the band are: Lovorka Holjevac: vocals ; Francisco Medina: guitar ;Carlos Henrique & Jacques Anderson: guitar ; Noa Stroeter: bass and Pepe Garcia: percussion please listen to them in action and you won’t be disappointed. Beautifully played music !
It is not just wonderfully played, but thanks to Snip Records technicians all these quality had been kept on recording forever. Those who liked it, please go to their website from all this titles can be bought in either Master Quality, common Red Book or lossy MP 3 ;] -


ti-an-guis Released in September 2012



ti-an-guis is an international and versatile group playing folk music from all over the world. They play their own interpretations of these folk songs, using elements of different (musical) cultures. This results in a compelling choice of instruments, rhythms and vocal techniques. As such, ti-an-guis offers a unique and engaging musical journey, visiting Mexico, Senegal, Croatia and many other countries.
The members of ti-an-guis are from different corners of the world: Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Croatia. Each musician selected music for this album, originating from his or her own cultural background or musical experience. As such, the creation of the album was a process of mutual collaboration. For each song the group brainstormed possibilities of arranging, instrumentation and style. This leads to fresh and surprising interpretations of traditional folk music. Although the repertoire clearly comprises different styles ti-an-guis has found many similarities between the folk songs and as such managed to compose a coherent album.
ti-an-guis consists of a vocalist, bass player, two guitarists, and a percussionist, who met in The Netherlands. The idea for their musical collaboration was born when percussionist Pepe Garcia played a traditional son jarocho song from Veracruz, Mexico, to vocalist Lovorka Holjevac who felt its melancholic and warm sound was similar to Croatian ethnic music.
The unique voice of Lovorka and choice of (traditional) instruments, such as the jarana jarocha, give the album a specific and intriguing sound. The energy and emotions of the group can be clearly felt as the album is recorded in a setting where all musicians played together. From emotional songs to uplifting beats, ti-an- guis surprises and engages its audience!

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