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"Tiamo Review 1"

“Tiamo’s music has personality and depth. With very catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics, this CD not only entertains, it gets you thinking about your life. It’s kind of like walking away from a movie that has you talking about it all the way home with a friend or partner. With a clear and crisp tenor voice to boot, Tiamo’s work is the whole package.”
- The San Diego Music Review

"Tiamo Review 2"

“Not too folksy, but not too pop or rock, Tiamo finds a great middle ground to please music listeners from a variety of genres. If you like songs that stick in your head and really help you through your day, Tiamo’s originals will offer plenty of that. This is a great album to escape to." - Acoustic Music Scene

"Tiamo Review 3"

“The CD is great, but his live show is better. If you feel a lack of connection with artists at live shows, see Tiamo perform and I guarantee that you will be moved. Tiamo drew his audience in with his voice, playfulness, and wit. At times, you could probably hear a pin drop. That is, when the entire crowd wasn’t either singing along or erupting after their favorite song. This goes beyond great, fun music. It’s more like an intimate experience. Very refreshing to say the least.” - On Stage Magazine

"Tiamo Review 4"

“Tiamo’s CD "Back to Love" fills the emotional spectrum. Tracks such as “Blow Out the Flame” or “Back to Love” are gripping and will get you reflecting on perhaps that one love that got away. Yet, songs like “Unrelated Siblings” or “The Great Turtle Escape” are likely to make you want to get up and dance and just let yourself be free. Whatever mood you might be in, you can find a track on here to match it.”
- New Music Generation

"Tiamo Review 5"

“Not over produced, Tiamo’s music seems to stay at home by keeping everything “about the music”. You won’t hear complex or mind-bending guitar licks, but what you will hear is an album that doesn’t have to go overboard to make up for a lack of talent or writing. Instead, Tiamo highlights what he’s best at and that is combining substance with good music, vocals, and something a little off the beaten path.” - The Indie Spotlight


Album: "Back to Love"
Songs: "Home Team", "When You Walked By", "Back to Love", "Love Karma", "Universe", "Lighthouse", "Unrelated Siblings", "The Great Turtle Escape", "Let's Get Naked", "Into the Rain", "Blow Out the Flame", "Unplugged", "My Favorite 4-Letter Word", "Man Overboard", "Sweet Dreams"
Radio play songs: "Back to Love", "Home Team", "When You Walked By"



For frustrated music fans who have grown tired of negative lyrics, lip-syncing artists, and superficial imagery, we have found the answer for you. Often described as a cross between John Mayer and Jason Mraz, pop-folk singer/songwriter/musician, Tiamo De Vettori, was recently named L.A. Music Award’s "Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year" & San Diego Music Award's "Best Songwriter". With a powerful voice, captivating stage presence, compelling lyrics, and melodies impossible not to sing along to, Southern California fans have gravitated to Tiamo’s positive vibe and love for life.

Tiamo has grown accustomed to performing for audiences of up to 5,000 people since he was seven years old. During his childhood, he had the extremely rare opportunity to perform and tour the world with his father, Franco De Vettori, an international opera singer.

Despite growing up on stage, Tiamo’s career as a singer/songwriter didn’t quite formalize until he intuitively hopped on a Greyhound bus headed for Virginia—just a few days after graduating from the University of Arizona. Soon after, a close friend who had read Tiamo’s poetry and heard him sing insisted that he explore the combination of songwriting and performing. Needing a friendly push, Tiamo had a hard time turning down his friend’s eventual offer to pay for half the cost of a guitar as long as he kept one promise—get the guitar, let it sit in your living room, and as Tiamo’s friend put it, “the songs will just flow out of you”. Surely enough, Tiamo looked at his new guitar one rainy night, picked it up, and without any previous guitar experience, "accidentally" wrote his first song.

Currently, Tiamo has climbed to #4 and #18 on the Australian radio charts and is receiving radio play in 10 countries including the U.S. Now touting a publishing catalog of over 75 songs, Tiamo has taken his passion for performing to several of the most popular hot spots in San Diego such as opening for Jewel at San Diego’s highly celebrated Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, large college campuses including University of California San Diego and San Diego State University, and other highly regarded venues such as the House of Blues, Hard Rock Café, and the Belly Up. He has also performed live on TV stations such as San Diego’s most watched morning news show, KFMB News Channel 8, and has been featured on radio stations such as KPRI 102.1 FM.

With the release of his new CD entitled “Back to Love”, a vision of creating positive change in the music industry, and a gravitating persona, you can’t help but cheer on this modest, rising star. For more information about Tiamo, booking, or interviews, contact: