Tiana Star

Tiana Star

 Seal Beach, California, USA

Tiana Star's "voice is a cross between the power-pop abilities of Kelly Clarkson and the delicate control of Natalie Merchant. " Now featured on TV, Film, Radio, and touring colleges and music venues nationwide, Tiana Star is an artist on the rise.


When you ask the singer/songwriter Tiana, where she is from, she smiles and says, "Everywhere." Because of her father's job growing up, Tiana has moved over 25 times and lived in six different states, Canada, and Ukraine. From the pop of Los Angeles to the blues of New Orleans, Tiana’s music and life spans many different cultures and blends them into one soulful singer/songwriter. When fans hear Tiana they often compare her to Sarah McLachlan, Feist, Ingrid Michaelson and other groundbreaking artists, yet Tiana blends her influences in a way all her own.

After graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Tiana moved out to Southern California and settled in Seal Beach, CA. Tiana says, “I drove cross country by myself and I’m going to live by the ocean!”

With years of performing, writing, and producing under her belt, Tiana Star teamed up with The Judy Stakee company. Judy Stakee executively produced Tiana’s latest release. Tiana and Judy drew upon the talent of producers Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional) and Justin Glasco (Jake Newton) to release Tiana’s EP “Room To Grow” in March 2010.

Since Tiana’s EP release in 2010, Tiana has gone on three national and regional tours with stops at libraries, colleges, café’s,TV and radio stations through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California. Tiana has her music on local and national radio including commercial stations like 101.3 “The Coast” in San Luis Obispo, and community radio in CO like Grand Junction’s 88.1 KAFM and Paonia’s 93.1. Tiana is also on rotation on XM and Satellite radio as well as online stations globally.

2011 has brought new amazing opportunities for Tiana including starting the year showcasing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. During Sundance Tiana performed on Park City TV, Park City Radio, and a special showcase at the Park City Library. Tiana’s spot on PCTV was also chosen as the featured performance and showcased on Park City’s website the next day. With contacts from Sundance Film Festival, Tiana has already scored and written her original song “My Ocean” for an upcoming film “One Way Ticket” which a preview of the movie and song can be viewed on Tiana’s youtube channel.

With numerous other upcoming TV and Film placements in the works. Tiana just had her song “I Am My Own” showcased on NBC’s Morning Show in San Diego March 2011. “I Am My Own” Is the song that Tiana wrote inspired by the charity ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking). ECPAT is a global charity in over 70 countries and the largest one trying to end Human Slavery worldwide. They worked with Tiana to produce and release the song “I Am My Own” with proceeds from the song going to ECPAT. The international music video for “I Am My Own” is to be released May 2011 and put on all of ECPAT’s sites and to compete in music video competitions worldwide.

With all of this and more going on in Tiana Star’s life and musical career, she says “I am so blessed to get to make music that matters and to have such an awesome fan base that is also trying to make a difference for good in our world. There’s nothing more I could ask for from my music but to be inspired and help inspire others to do good.”

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By Your Side

Written By: Tiana Star (Gustafson)

“ By your side”
Words and Music copyright 2009 Tiana

Verse 1:
Roll over you’re on my side of the bed
Love’s hard unless you’re dead
But I don’t want you to die
Just get off my side

Baby’s sleeping let’s have some fun
Wait, no he’s not, the work’s never done
Life’s full of complications
I just want to go on vacation

I Don’t know what can I do
I guess I’ll just fall more in love with you
Life gets hard, makes me cry
But I will always stand by your side

Verse 2:
Somedays we argue somedays we kiss
But I wouldn’t change any of this
Let’s laugh it off and hold hands
Take a walk in the sand

By the ocean and into the waves
Let them carry us far away
With our baby and all of our love
Livin’ the life we’ve been dreamin’ of


Life comes in waves you know
Never know which way the wind may blow
We may fight like sister and brother
But you’ll always be my lover


Roll over you’re on my side of the bed

Room To Grow

Written By: Tiana Star(Gustafson)

“Room To Grow”
Words and Lyrics Copyright 2009 Tiana

People always trying to tell me what to do
People always trying to tell me what to wear
But I’m not you
And I can dye my hair

People always trying to tell me what style to sing
People always trying to tell me the words to say
But I don’t wear your ring
And I can find my own way

Try to tell me how to fly but I will never learn if I
Can’t grow the wings to Try
Try to tell me how to live but I will never be alive
If I can’t live my life
Try to tell me where to go but I will never know
If I can’t have room to grow

Verse 2:
Try to tell me to change my look
You can never look too thin
Well I didn’t read that book
I don’t play games I can’t win


Let me be me
Why does putting me down make you happy
Let me go
Stop saying no, no, no

Chorus: Breakdown
Chorus: Big

Hold Me

Written By: Tiana Star

Verse 1: F- C- F- C- G (repeat)
When I was a child
I was held all the time
Now That I’m grown
There’s more on my mind
Than being held enough

Gotta keep moving
And hold back the tears
Gotta keep working
Don’t think about fears
There’s no time to stop

Chorus: C- C/b- Am- G (repeat)
Hold me, no one, nobody holds me
No one, nobody knows me no more
Hold me, I want someone to hold me
I need someone who knows me more

Verses: F- C- F- C- G (repeat)
I just need a helping hand
To pull me out of sinking sands
But too afraid to ask

For the love I crave inside
I need you, Don’t be shy
Life moves too fast


Bridge: Dm7- C- G (4x)
Take me, take me away
We’ll laugh in our funny way
Hold Me
Hold Me

Chorus2: C- C/b- Am- G (repeat)
Hold me, I need you to Hold me
No one, nobody holds me like you do
Hold me, I need you to Hold
I only want you to hold me, just you

I Am My Own

Written By: Tiana Star

“I Am My Own”
Words and Music Copyright 2009 Tiana Star

Verse 1:
Don’t touch me, I’m not yours
I’m not for sale, not anymore
I will walk in the light
I wont be scared of the night

Stop stepping on me
Stop pressuring me
Stop oppressing me
Let me be

I am my own I am me
I am my own I am free
I am my own I’m beautiful
I am my own Ain’t it wonderful

Verse 2:
I used to run now I’ll walk
I used to hush but now I’ll talk
I will not fear these past chains
I live in the now where love remains

Stop stepping on me
Stop pressuring me
Stop oppressing me
Let me be


You may take my mind
You might take control
You might take my body
But you’ll never take my soul


New Moon

Written By: Tiana Star

“New Moon”
Words and Music Copyright 2009 Tiana Star

Am- Am/B- G- D/F#- Em
I can still feel you near
Though you’re far away I fear
Did you mean the words you said
Did you mean to leave me here dead

Pre: Am-(G) Em (F#)- G- (G#)Am
What’s my life with no you
What’s the night with no moon

C- C/B- G- Em- G- Am
You can turn your cheek
But can you forget me
You can fly away
But can you stay

Verse 2:
I try to run fast
But there’s no running from this past
I try to forget
But you I’ll never regret


Bridge: C- Em (2x) Am-C (2x)
Time seems to pass
I can never outlast
My love
Your face
My tears
Your cold embrace


Under this new moon- I’ll always love you
Love You

Bird On A Wire

Written By: Tiana Star

Bird On A Wire
Music and Lyrics Copyright 2010 Tiana Star

I’m Like a Bird on a wire
I fly all day but grow tired
I rest my wings and I sing
Up like a bird on a wire

The crows try to scare me away
Though others fly I choose to stay
I will not Fear
I’ve made my home here


Verse 2:
I fly from town to town
Think of settling down
The more I see
Settling’s not for me


Instrumental Break


I Cry

Written By: Tiana Star

This song is about the Earth- and how there's so much beauty- like the ocean- but then so much pain-but how we should all love and reach out to others and to our Earth to take care of it and each other.

Verse 1:
I look at life like the sea
Waves come and go, crash over me
I’m so thankful for how I’ve been blessed
But it’s not enough, gotta help the rest

They’re all alone on the edge of the street
With no home not enough to eat

So I cry, oh I cry
For all the children with tears in their eyes
So I cry, oh I cry

For all of the lost in the world tonight

Verse 2:
I look at all the children
Paying the price for other’s sins
I wonder how much more they can take
Will we help or will we let them break


I sing for those with no voice
I raise my hand for their choice
I cry for those with no tears
I sing so the world will hear
All of their voices screaming loud

Oh I cry, I cry
All of the children in the world tonight
We’ve got to try, we’ve gotta try
To save the lost in the world tonight

Outro: (over Chorus chords)
There’s so much we can do
So much we can say
Don’t look through please don’t turn the other way
Give em a smile, Give em a hug
It doesn’t cost anything to show love



Album: "Solicited" Released: Spring 2002-Single "Free" featured on Nashville's 102.5 FM.
Album: "Live at the Gypsy Den" Released: 2005
Album: "Star" Released: Summer 2008- songs featured on Sirius Radio and Fullerton, CA's 90.1 KBPK
Summer 2009- EP "New Moon" released digitally
Spring 2010- EP "Room To Grow"
Summer 2010- Compilation Album "Song's You'll Love"

Released under Tiana's label, Coffee Shop Girl Records.

Set List

On Top of 3 hours worth of original material, Tiana also has 3 hours worth of Cover Songs by artists from the 60's until present. Please ask for a detailed list if desired.