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Seal Beach, California, United States | INDIE

Seal Beach, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"E-Tunes for Empowerment: "I Am My Own" by Tiana Star"

Tiana Star is an up and coming singer / songwriter currently based in California. In March 2010, she released her fourth album "Room To Grow". On that album is a song she wrote entitled "I Am My Own" that was inspired by ECPAT-USA, (Ending Child Prostitution and Trafficking), a network of organizations and individuals working together to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children around the world.

Tiana is a true advocate of human trafficking and in her blog, quotes Edmund Burke "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Tiana's plea is passionate and inspiring and encourages readers to take action. All proceeds from "I Am My Own" are donated to ECPAT-USA.

"I Am My Own" is a song about a young person taking an empowering stand for themselves as they refuse to be sold again. It is a very pretty tune that you will find yourself humming and wanting more of. See the video on the left side of this page, or click here. I added the lyrics below in case you wanted to sing along. :)

Fight evil for $.99 right here: Itunes. Not a bad deal at all - and it is for a worthy cause.

To catch up on your reading, check out this article about what tattoos have to do with sex trafficking, as well as this article to find out what the Brooklyn DA's office is doing about the issue.

I Am My Own

Words and Music Copyright 2009 Tiana Star Inspired by ECPAT www.ecpatusa.org)

Verse 1:
Don't touch me, I'm not yours
I'm not for sale, not anymore
I will walk in the light
I wont be scared of the night

Stop stepping on me
Stop pressuring me
Stop oppressing me
Let me be

I am my own I am me
I am my own I am free
I am my own I'm beautiful
I am my own Ain't it wonderful

Verse 2:
I used to run now I'll walk
I used to hush but now I'll talk
I will not fear these past chains
I live in the now where love remains

Stop stepping on me
Stop pressuring me
Stop oppressing me
Let me be


You may take my mind
You might take control
You might take my body
But you'll never take my soul


Continue reading on Examiner.com: E-tunes for Empowerment: "I Am My Own" song by Tiana Star - New York Crime | Examiner.com
- New York Examiner

"Music Connection Club Review"

Tiana Star
Monsoon Cafe
Santa Monica

Contact: 714-889-8501; tiana@tianastar.com

Web: www.tianastar.com

The Players: Tiana Star, vocals, guitar, piano.

Material: A recent graduate of the Berkelee School of Music, Tiana Star not only has the ability to conceive catchy melodies, she also translates them perfectly through her instrument. Utilizing her formal training, Star can write complex licks that set her music above many other singer/songwriters on the scene. However, her lyrics could use some development. At times, they rely on cliché and simple rhyme. If Star concentrates on adding greater depth to her lyrics, her songs would convey that special quality she already comes so close to achieving.

Musicianship: Star’s voice is a cross between the power-pop abilities of Kelly Clarkson and the delicate control of Natalie Merchant. Additionally, she conveys a mastery of her instruments through the ease and confidence with which she plays. On guitar, Star seems comfortable, but on piano she showcases her gifts best. She has the chops to perform playful and intricate tunes without having to concentrate too much on the mechanics of the instrument, thereby letting Star focus on her overall performance.

Performance: This artist’s bubbly and sweet persona came across instantly onstage. In the lighter songs that matched her natural personality, Star excelled. Her voice was powerful and she was able to connect with the crowd. However, in more sensitive songs, like “Pretend,” she kept the sweetness but didn’t bring the passion. If she surrendered herself more to that aspect of her music, the audience would as well.

Summary: Tiana Star can add greater depth to her music by focusing on lyrics in the songwriting process and connecting more with her emotional songs on a performance level. Nonetheless, she has a sweet sensibility that makes her appealing and approachable. Her voice is crisp and controlled and her abilities on guitar and piano make for an entertaining and memorable live show.

––Paula Munoz - Music Connection Magazine

"Tiana's Album Review"

CD - 'Solicited'
Mary Rudy, http://www.muzikreviewz.com

When you listen to the CD 'Solicited' you will swear that you are
listening to Bonnie Raitt, Sarah McLachlan or Sheryl Crow - but to my
surprise and soon to be yours - it is a spectacular and awesome female artist
called Tiana.
From the very second this cd started playing, I knew that this artist
was fully packed with a vibrant, strong vocals and not your average
artist/singer, Tiana only multiplied that conclusion by thousands.

I consider Tiana an accomplished recording artist in her own right. She
is not only a singer/songwriter, but is also skillful on the guitar,
piano and flute. And she has been influenced by many singer/songwriters.
Tiana is from what she calls ‘everywhere’, simply due from moving
around a lot as a young girl, being that her father was a minister, but all
the moving has strengthened her musical talents as an artist and made
her the person who she is today. Tiana’s life can be heard through her
music, rather it is pop rock or the blues. This is the only way she
knows how to be, you got it all going on girl!!

THE CHATTER: Tiana is getting talked about by many, including Gary
Earl, Songwriter/Producer for HBO/Disney Channel Films, Music Row Magazine
(a Nashville Publication), Robyn Earl, Voice Coach/Singer/Songwriter
for HBO/Disney Channel Films, Nashville's 102.5 Scotty O'Brien, Dean
Dillon, Singer/Songwriter, Known for her tremendous vocal range, this
female artist can also play that guitar. And now Southbound Beat Magazine.

TIANA'S MUSIC: There are 10 terrific songs on this cd project and our
picks are: ** ‘Not This Time’ – starts the whole cd off with a Tiana
bang…..** ‘Stay’ - this one is good thru and thru, the lead guitar action
is beyond terrific and Tiana shoots out those hot vocal sounds.
** ‘Ashes’ - my ultimate favorite, has a bluesy/R&B sound to it. Still
not sure what grabs me more; the musicianship or the vocals…..**
‘Without You’ – this song will chill you to the bone. The vocal range of
levels is endless. Trust me we are going to hear a lot more from this lil'
lady…..** ‘My Moon’ - beware this will cause a tear or two.....you have
to hear this one... Spectacular!!

SOUND SAMPLE: http://www.tianastar.com/audio/mp3/Ashes.mp3

THE SUPERB MUSICIANSHIP: Tiana Smith – vocals and guitars (track 8 &
10)…..Ryan Fleming – guitars…..Ryan Van Fleet – bass…..Felipe Orozco –
piano……William Anderson – drums……Jose Portilla – Additional guitars

BOTTOM LINE: Highest Caliber of Talent…..Musicianship that doesn’t get
any better…..Vocals to capture your heart and soul and mind……and
messages in each song that can be identified by someone - somewhere at
anytime….Make sure to visit Tiana’s Website at: http://www.tianastar.com/ ,
make the best buy you will ever make this year, pick up the ‘Solicited’

For CD Review Information Email: cdreviews@muzikreviewz.com
- Muzik Reviewz

"A&R Report"

• L.A. artist Tiana Smith is offering other artists exposure on her high-traffic website. Smith is instituting a new section on her site called "Sing Song of the Day" where she will feature, on a daily basis, an MP3 and an article written about new music that people should know about. She is accepting submissions now, and it is free. Smith will choose those artists and songs she believes are best. Those chosen will receive publicity that may very well result in sales, along with industry attention. Smith is doing this simply to help other musicians. If you're interested, you can contact her at tiana@tianas tar.com. She asks that you put your website and/or MySpace link in the e-mail so she can check you out. - Music Connection Magazine


Album: "Solicited" Released: Spring 2002-Single "Free" featured on Nashville's 102.5 FM.
Album: "Live at the Gypsy Den" Released: 2005
Album: "Star" Released: Summer 2008- songs featured on Sirius Radio and Fullerton, CA's 90.1 KBPK
Summer 2009- EP "New Moon" released digitally
Spring 2010- EP "Room To Grow"
Summer 2010- Compilation Album "Song's You'll Love"

Released under Tiana's label, Coffee Shop Girl Records.



When you ask the singer/songwriter Tiana, where she is from, she smiles and says, "Everywhere." Because of her father's job growing up, Tiana has moved over 25 times and lived in six different states, Canada, and Ukraine. From the pop of Los Angeles to the blues of New Orleans, Tiana’s music and life spans many different cultures and blends them into one soulful singer/songwriter. When fans hear Tiana they often compare her to Sarah McLachlan, Feist, Ingrid Michaelson and other groundbreaking artists, yet Tiana blends her influences in a way all her own.

After graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Tiana moved out to Southern California and settled in Seal Beach, CA. Tiana says, “I drove cross country by myself and I’m going to live by the ocean!”

With years of performing, writing, and producing under her belt, Tiana Star teamed up with The Judy Stakee company. Judy Stakee executively produced Tiana’s latest release. Tiana and Judy drew upon the talent of producers Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional) and Justin Glasco (Jake Newton) to release Tiana’s EP “Room To Grow” in March 2010.

Since Tiana’s EP release in 2010, Tiana has gone on three national and regional tours with stops at libraries, colleges, café’s,TV and radio stations through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California. Tiana has her music on local and national radio including commercial stations like 101.3 “The Coast” in San Luis Obispo, and community radio in CO like Grand Junction’s 88.1 KAFM and Paonia’s 93.1. Tiana is also on rotation on XM and Satellite radio as well as online stations globally.

2011 has brought new amazing opportunities for Tiana including starting the year showcasing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. During Sundance Tiana performed on Park City TV, Park City Radio, and a special showcase at the Park City Library. Tiana’s spot on PCTV was also chosen as the featured performance and showcased on Park City’s website the next day. With contacts from Sundance Film Festival, Tiana has already scored and written her original song “My Ocean” for an upcoming film “One Way Ticket” which a preview of the movie and song can be viewed on Tiana’s youtube channel.

With numerous other upcoming TV and Film placements in the works. Tiana just had her song “I Am My Own” showcased on NBC’s Morning Show in San Diego March 2011. “I Am My Own” Is the song that Tiana wrote inspired by the charity ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking). ECPAT is a global charity in over 70 countries and the largest one trying to end Human Slavery worldwide. They worked with Tiana to produce and release the song “I Am My Own” with proceeds from the song going to ECPAT. The international music video for “I Am My Own” is to be released May 2011 and put on all of ECPAT’s sites and to compete in music video competitions worldwide.

With all of this and more going on in Tiana Star’s life and musical career, she says “I am so blessed to get to make music that matters and to have such an awesome fan base that is also trying to make a difference for good in our world. There’s nothing more I could ask for from my music but to be inspired and help inspire others to do good.”

For more info on booking or press please contact:
Coffee Shop Girl Records