Houston, Texas, USA
SoloR&BHip Hop

Who is Tiaramy? Her name speaks volumes in itself and tells you something not only about her but her music as well. Tiaramy: Beautiful, Unique, Edgy, Diverse. Not only does that describe her as a person but also her voice If you seen her you would never guess so much power came from one small lady.


Tiaramy who was born and raised in Houston, Texas has a sound about her voice that is distinctive. Her lower range, raspy soothing voice but is also HUGE makes her stand out from other female singers. Standing 5'1 at a 105 pounds when she opens her mouth you would think it was someone as big as 6'0ft 200lbs plus. The thing about Tiaramy is that she can control it and knows how to utilize her booming voice. Growing up in church singing she knows how to blend and harmonize to perfection. Her lyrics that she writes is another notch on her belt because she is blessed with making songs flow with each leaving a lesson behind.


PSA- Public Service Announcement
produced by: Supreme
produced by: Dj Young Samm
Cupid Love Continues Album
Like Us- Slim Thugs, Dre Day, M.U.G feat Tiaramy (vocals)
Comin Round- Dre Day feat. Tiaramy (hook)
Super Star- HoodStarChantz feat. Tiaramy (hook)
Real Love (remake)- Dallas Air Play
They Don't Know- 90.1 Damage Control Air Play