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This addictive artist combines the sizzlin sounds of Hip Hop, R&B, and silky smooth vocals, laced with dynamic rap overtones. Tibet well known for writing clever songs and smokin tracks, continue to crank out future classics with his new solo release project.


T.B., an artists/producer, has been burning up the independent music scene since 2004. Tibet has written and performed with a number of artists such as Jrockstar. Their collaboration continues to sizzle the digital world with over fourteen thousand (14,000) downloads via C/net.com. The blending of Hip Hop and R&B is a special art, which Tibet began to explore at a very early age.

Born in the small town of Belle Glade(FL), Tibet was accepted to a junior high school specializing in the performing arts in music production. The school located in Ft. Lauderdale, is where Tibet would produce several local groups including a track for a Tropicana Orange Juice commercial. After junior high Tibet(T.B.) found himself at an engineering high school, where he quickly established himself as the guy with the ear for harmonies and beats. The chorus teacher over heard him playing and singing in one of the practice rooms and invited him to join the chorus. Under the guidance of his master chorus teacher, a special production lab was created for him to create his music in.

This creative outlet allowed Tibet to hone in on his style and craft. After graduation high school Tibet found himself in Gainesville; attending the University of Florida.

While pursuing his degree in CISE and in need of some financial assistance, Tibet landed the 'B Room' engineering position at the largest studio in his college town. He soon started producing tracks for many of the local artists in town.

The opportunity helped him to experience working with Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mark Pensky. After five years in Gainesville, T.B. would head back to South Florida where he started his own Production Company/Label.


1. Any time,Any where--5,300 downloads--Total listens: 6,896...
2. This is How We Roll-- 4,600 downloads--Total listens: 5,457
3. Milk & Honey-- 3,900 downloads--Total listens: 4,796
Available for free download at: http://music.download.com/jrockfeaturingtibet
Listen to my Inteview Mix Show Session at http://tibet.podmixradio.com

Set List

Show includes a two set routine. Each set contains three to four song performances. Each set runs 10 to 15 minuites.
Current Show: "When Love Calls"

Set A: 1. Take It Off
2. Ballin
3. Brush it Under The Rug
4. Speed Angel

Set B : 1. Sex E-mail
2. Window Shopping
3. A Love Call
4. The Last Time