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Hold On!

Written By: Clarense Ambroise

No matter what this life may bring
Don't be alarmed you can make it through
No matter how hard it may seem
Please don't give in I am here with you(with you)
Don't be discouraged just HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON-----------
Don't let go until I say so
HOLD ON my darling, be strong, be strong
What matters is how you express yourself
Don't hold it in, please let it out
It'll free your mind!
No need to worry better days will come
No need to cry, please dry your eyes
Never show your tears
Just keep in mind, you can survive
Because life is just too short
And you got so much to live for(darling HOLD ON!)
It will all be clear someday
You'll see the light, then follow your path that will guide you through
It'll go in so deep, so deep, so deep inside(oh, yeah)
I can feel your agony(your agony)