Ticket 4 Two

Ticket 4 Two


Ticket 4 Two is a original band from Perth, Western Australia. Playing mostly acoustic pop/rock styled music. Described as sounding like coldplay and John Mayer, their music can be listened by anyone at any age.


Forming in early 2009 originally the band was made up of only two members, Reilly and Jacob, until June when Rhys joined with his Bass.

Ticket 4 Two play original songs in the genre of pop/rock. They have been described as sounding similar to coldplay, John Mayor and Jason Mraz.

With a full album in the works and set for release in early 2010, Ticket 4 Two is continuing to gain fans and popularity.


One EP including tracks:
-Someone Needs A Hero
-Walk With Me
-What It's Worth
-Lonely Planet

Set List

Someone Needs A Hero
What It's Worth
Seperate Ways
Who You Are
Reign On Me
Walk With Me
Lonely Planet

Most of our sets go for about 45 minutes but can be shorter or longer depending on needs.