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Apartment Review

Written By: Cody McKinney

The guests have all gone back home
Some time just to be alone
thank goodness for TV dinner and a card game on my cell phone

I dance in my tighty whities
I try on my ladies' nighty
I breakdance inside my sweatpants and I give my smoke a lighty

dee dee ooo

I Tango with all the chairs
I cha-cha-cha with flair
I wanna do the lambada while I shave off my pubic hair

When You're not around, my house becomes Broadway town
Dance and sing and bring the house down
How the world would love me
Push and shove to touch me
If they saw my apartment review
dee dee oooo

Now I become a ninja while swinging on my door hinge-a
In my dojo I've got the mojo so you should go or you'll get injured