Tickle Fight

Tickle Fight


Tickle Fight combines their love of broadway’s classic composers, the tribal syncopation of cuban and west african rhythms, the playful nature of 70’s pop, and the subtle brilliance of contemporary cinematic composers, and invites your ears to a playful sonic carnival!


Formed in the summer of 2006, the group Ticklefight has already gained a reputation and buzz unheard of in recent minnesota music history. Comprised of all first call session musicians, the level of musical depth is un paralleled and the collective sound created is un classifiable. If one were to classify ticklefight, terms such as pop, latin, lounge, indie, world, and groove would come up constantly. To an average music fan, sounds that illicit cinematic drama and classic broadway charm fills their ears, and takes them on a sonic journey through their imagination. To the more musically versed listener, complex rhythms and harmonies which blend effortlessly into a sound palette of cutting edge composition, re ignite the notion that the years of musicianship in music are not yet over. Coupled with light hearted lyrical word play and theater like presentation, ticklefight, is as one listener commented, like a tim burton movie for your ears.


Self Titled EP-released late 2006