Tickle Me Pink

Tickle Me Pink


with their poppy hooks and good looks, TMP is soon to become a household name... with ferocious drumming, melodic vocals, and ripping guitars you wouldn't realize that all members are too young to drink..


TMP began when Sean Kennedy and Stefan Runstrom met at a high school talent show. taking first and second place, it was only a matter of time before the two joined forces... while recording at the Blasting Room Studios, the two came across an intern working there, Johnny Schou. Johnny joined the band later that year and so began the trio we now call Tickle Me Pink.

Tickle Me Pink has a vast array of influences, everything from third eye blind and All American Rejects to the descendents and foo fighters. TMP is often credited for having an extremely entertaining and solid live show... something they take pride in.

Choosing their band over many other routes they could have taken just shows how much initiative the band has and is willing to work with others to achieve their goal.


"If only we were twenty one and up" EP
released: 2005
engineered by: Andrew Berlin
recorded at The Blasting Room Studios

"Half Seas Over" EP
released: 2006
engineered by chris keup and stewart myers

"Madeline" (Full Length)
released: 2007
Engineered by: Andrew Berlin
Produced by: Lee Miles (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)