Ti Coca & Wanga Nègès

Ti Coca & Wanga Nègès



« Ti-Coca and Wanga Nègès » are to be noticed among the rare professional musicians who embrace the troubadours tradition, small-size bands of acoustic instruments with compositions that reveal a sweet and sour chronicle of the society. The troubadours ensembles are mainly characterized by a particular instrumentation, totally acoustic, that includes most of the time : guitar or banjo, accordion, drum, graj and maracas, double bass or manoumba. They usually officiate during local celebrations, by the sea or in restaurants, as well as in private parties, where they actually are quite requested, due to the shortage of electricity that often restricts the use of audio system or amplified music.

In 1976, the band « Ti-Coca and Wanga-Nègès » was formed around the singer David Mettelus “Ti-Coca”, integrating musicians from konpa bands who were used to play electric instruments. Together, they went back to the acoustic instrumentation and traditional repertoire of the troubadours, in the line of Ti-Paris and Althiery Dorival. Now they currently play music from folklore, traditional songs from the troubadours repertoire and konpa tunes, in which Ti-Coca put all the vivacity of his charming voice. They also compose an attractive cocktail, a kind of lover filter, as insinuated by the name of the band “Wanga Nègès”, creole name of the hummingbird that is supposed to be used in the preparation of love magic.


Ti Coca & Wanga Négès - "Haïti Colibri" - June 2009 - Label : Accords Croisés - Distributor : Harmonia Mundi