Tic Toc Tokyo

Tic Toc Tokyo



Forming in late 2005, TTT demanded the attention of the indie underground in their debut year with extensive radio attention, live performances and interviews throughout Melbourne and Sydney including time on JJJ, FBI, and RRR, being named on Ryan Egan’s best of 2006 list.

TTT’s dark, angular, and melodic brand of tribal post-punk often draws comparisons to The B52s, The Slits, Wire, Joy Division and the Birthday Party. Already, TTT have shared stages with Midnight Juggernaughts, The White Rose Movement (UK), Red Riders, Dardanelles, Eddy Current Suppresion Ring and Plug-In City.

Tic Toc Tokyo will be launching their debut EP- 'Artefacts'- in Feb 2008.


Colour of Place

Written By: Simon and Nic

Could someone shock
In the future with an army
Cold steel
Behind the thin man
Ratio of design
Lapels and flat fringes
Look good to me but that's something
I have to revise

I got to make a decision
I got to get some space
Because the damge is done
And the response is weak.
A flag of division
A fashion we choose
You're young, but the damage is done, the damage is done
the damage is done

The colour, the colour, the colour of place

The colour, the colour, the colour of place

colour of place


Debut Ep - To Be Released Feb 2008

Set List

Points of Correspondence, Action Time, Primitive Gold, Dialogue, Ladies in Vogue, Colour of Place, Missing Chairs, Traps, Vincent K, Correct all Error, Like Blue Neon, No Nightingales.