Tidal District

Tidal District


Tidal District believe in the importance of every aspect of a song's essence, from lyrics and melody to atmosphere and dynamics... which is why they are as comfortable with spooked sparsity building to bruised crescendos, as they are with skewed pop songs giving way to mammoth choruses.


Formed in early 2006, Tidal District is four very different people, with very different musical ideas, forcing themselves to communicate through music in search of perfect moments.

Rules stunt momentum, the heart is organic and to name is to destroy. It misses the point: love every bit, or change it til you do. Care about every element and others won't be able to resist. If you build it, they will come. Hate the mediocre, oppose compromise, and create something that makes you proud. Then even if it doesn't pay off at least you know everyone else is wrong.

contact: tidaldistrict@gmail.com


Myspace EP's:

Everything Always Works Out For Everyone, Dig Up EP

TBA EP Release (September 2007)
Recorded May-July with producer/engineer Ciaran Bradshaw.

Set List

Depends on the crowd