Whenever Tides take the stage, you're gauranteed to see every head in the club turned with interest. Tides have been compared to bands like Coldplay, U2, and Radiohead. High energy, powerful vocal harmonies, with layered guitars and keyboards is the best way to describe the music of Tides.


Heartfelt lyrics blend seamlessly with energetic rhythms and layered melodies. That’s the sound of the Boston-based rock band, Tides – but that’s only the beginning of what these five guys have to offer.

Matt Benjamin, Drew English, Eric Michaud, Dan Robinson, and Andy Sutherland have established a solid reputation in Boston’s music scene as Tides since their inception in 2004. Numerous sold out performances, impressive sales and radio play of their debut album, “Keep it a Secret”, and a wake-you-up appearance on Fox 25’s Morning News are just some of the ways these guys are making it to the top.

At the core of Tides’ creativity is a songwriting style that is genuine, uncompromising, and showcases their ability to hit upon intense emotions that fans have come to expect. The result, Tides has attracted one of the strongest followings in the college market, at their live performances, and through the air waves.

With a massive yet expressive sound that continues to grow more layered and intense, Tides is poised to saturate the market with a style all their own. Be prepared, because they are bringing their dynamic music and performance to a venue near you.


"Keep It A Secret" (EP) - 2004
"Underneath The Stars" (Single) - 2006
New EP (Title Pending) - coming early 2007
EP & Single currently in rotation on College Radio Regionally & Nationally

Set List

50-60 minute set of original music scalable to shorter lengths if required as well as option for acoustic performances. A few cover tunes from the likes of U2 & Peter Gabriel also available if required. Typical set list:

- One Night
- Sympathy
- Ladders
- Hold On
- Out of Time
- Be The One
- Follow
- Coming Down
- Kontrol
- Underneath The Stars
- With or Without You (U2)
- Where the Streets Have no Name (U2)
- In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)