Tides Of Man

Tides Of Man


Exciting shows. Powerful Vocals, with great hooks. Huge drums, and intricate guitars. This band will definitely excite the crowd with their music and professionalism.


The introduction of a band like this into central Florida's music scene is a large part of the reason we do what we do. It's exciting when acts with talent, vision, and ambition are presented to us. The Tampa scene desperately needs bands of this caliber to thrive if the respect and stability we hope for are to follow.
- James Ferreira, REAX Issue 24


Tides Of Man EP

Tides Of Man "Empire Theory" LP coming soon.

Set List

We usually play 6 songs. Our line up is different every time, but usually includes:

Not My Love
And Again
Create Couldn't Keep Up
Empire Theory
Contents Within

Our sets usually run 35 to 40 minutes long. We don't do covers, all original tracks.