Tie Down Teddy Roosevelt

Tie Down Teddy Roosevelt


Our music is agressive but very catchy. We are influenced by everything from rap to metal to good ole fashioned rock n roll. We love to have a good time and think that it really comes across in our music. We love having tons of energy at our shows and love those of you who do to :) thanks <3 TDTR


We are a band from a small town that loves to have a good time. Our music is very aggresive and heavy in parts, but also catchy and dancy in others. As a band we love every kind of music. You name it and we are guaranteed to have atleast one guy who loves it. Seriously, Michael Jackson and 36 Mafia are some of our favorites ha. We play music to have fun and hope others can have fun in listening to it. You only live once so why not live fast and play loud right?


Winter of Our Discontent demo

Set List

1. Like a God
2. I'm not Gay, I'm just Partying
3. In this Night
4. Irony of Dying on Your Birthday (Senses fail cover)
5. Don't Look Down, Get Down
6. Tie Down Teddy Roosevelt

The set usually lasts around 30-45 minutes. We have a pretty sweet intro and a few tracks in between songs.