Tied to the Branches

Tied to the Branches

 San Francisco, California, USA

low-fi, psychedelic rock, airy vocals, moody lyrics. Music made in the San Francisco influenced by rain, fog, opiates.


Marc Manning (Everything is Fine/The Heavy Lids) and Brad DerManouelian are Tied to the Branches. Influences include The Jesus and Mary Chain, Dead Meadow, The Breeders, Black Tambourine, The Cramps, Fever Ray, Early-80's Cure.


First four demos have been posted for free download/streaming. These demos were recorded live in one take, so this is a good indication of what to expect for a live performance.

Everywhere You Go, Speeding Down Tunnels, Fog, Ice.

Set List

Sets range from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. We will adjust our improvisational songs to fit time constraints. All songs are original. All music is performed live.

Everywhere You Go
Speeding Down Tunnels