Tierra Nueva en Vivo

Tierra Nueva en Vivo


A new proposal in afro caribbean latin Jazz from the unique point of view of two native puertoricans. The compositions and arrangments envolves a fusion of latin and caribbean rythms with a jazzy and funky taste with special attentions to latin melodies.


Tierra Nueva en Vivo is a Jazz Quartet that believe there is another way to play Afro Caribbean Latin Jazz music.
Between Manolo and Antonio, both composers and arrangers of the band, and because both are melody oriented, their influences are very eclectic. In latin music our influences come from Sergio Mendez, Machito, Mongo Santamaria and all Salsa bands. Our Jazz influences come mostly from Miles Davis, Chic Correa, Spyrogira, Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller. Basically, we both listen to all bands with fusion rhythms and good melodies.

The main difference between us and any other Latin Jazz bands are the special attention we dedicate to the melodies in which we try our best to look for a good and easy to understand melodic lines with tights arrangements in our compositions. There is another detail that really separate us from anybody else, and that is our Salsa feel. Usually, people start to dance trough our improvisations.

Although it is very difficult to to describe our style of music, there is an old saying that state that a picture worth a thousand words (or a sound); if that is so, then go to www.MySpace.com/540269321 and have a taste.


Our first and only CD is called "Adoquines", Realeased and performed on August 20, 2010 at Borders book Store in San Juan Puerto Rico.
You can find streaming samples at CdBaby.com;ITunes.com; Amazon.com and DigStation.com all under Tierra Nueva en Vivo. The released CD is a Live compilation of nine singles:
1. Rafy's - Latin Jazz Waltz
2. Nostalgia - Be Bop intro and latin melodie
3 Adoquines - Bossa Nova and Mambo
4. Tony's Bossa - guess what style
5. Mi Virgencita - Latin Jazz Waltz
6. Caminar de Neymar - Latin Jazz Calipso
7. Utuado - Modal Jazz Mambo
8. Jazz Theme - guess again what style
9. Despedida - Jazz Mambo