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"Devilish Tiffani is all soul (June 2005)"

She shot to stardom on popstars, but after the topsy-turvy year ex- bardot member Tiffani Wood has had, you could understand if she walked away from it all.
Despite having started her own record label and releasing a new single, Devil in your soul, Tiffani's comeback has been a learning curve. She also faced upheaval in her personal life as she split from her boyfriend GOCE. Tiffani broke down on national radio talking about the releationship.
'My drama being played out on Kyle and jackie O, it was like "The Tiffani Sad-Case show', " she laughs.
But now shes bouncing back. Tiffani's busy life includes helping teens dealing with difficult situations - she sings for a program called Tomorrows youth.
"Theres no experience that i wouldnt share if it was going to better their chances," she says of the program.
In fact, sharing opinions had Tiffani dubbed " the outspoken member of Bardot" and its the reason behind the new album Bite Your Tongue - but that doesnt mean you wont be hearing what she really thinks.
" Im singing about it, Its my cheeky way of being able to say what i want." - Fresh magazine with Kim Bonett

"Tiffani's troubles ( June 2005)"

Her bardot days are over, Tiffani Wood uses her experience to help others......
You probably wouldnt find too many popstars willing to reveal their secrets to a room full of teenagers. However, when tomorrows Youth directors asked ex-Bardot singer Tiffani Wood whether she would be a guest lecturer she jumped at the chance.
Tomorrows youth is a program for disadvantaged youngsters at drop in centres, which helps them to grow into sucessful adults.
The 27 year old, whose single, Devil in your soul is released July 18, says she suffered depression as a result of the pressure of being in Bardot.
'I went throgh a terrible time,' she says. 'I suffered from social phobia, which is a form of depression. I was constantly questioning myself and would compare myself to the rest of the girls all the time.'
It's this angst that she went through that made her want to help young people. ' Without wishing to sound like a cliche, kids are our future and we need to invest in them. If we can help in anyway, then i want to.
'A lot of the inspiration of my lyrics came from experiences ive been through, including my depression,' she says. ' If i can help one young person going through a tough time then thats great.' - New idea with Amanda Goff

"Pop Republic single review ( july 2005)"

Tiffani Wood is back & she's ready to rock. 'Devil in your soul' is the debut release from her own label, Mud Honey Records, & it's an absolute scorcher. The self penned track is all about the various ways record label svengalis try to sell their acts, & the decision an artist has to make about staying true to themselves. ' Devil in your soul' has a killer hook & a sexy electro guitar riff. Throw in the fab 80's influenced b-side 'Head', & Tiffani easily has the strongest post-Bardot release yet
5/5 pop points - POP PICK of the month

"fresh sounds review ( may 15th 2005)"

Devil in your soul review:
It needs to be said, she's one of the girls from the less than currently successful Bardot, that isn't Katie Underwood or Sophie Monk. It automatically gets points from me because its not a dancey, pop song like they've done in the past, which is the route that Katie and Sophie went. This is quite rocky and punchy, and is meant to be a dig at the music industry, but wasnt she a manufactured popstar? I know I'm not meant to, but i kind of like it. - the sunday times WA


SPIN THE BOTTLE (single) April 3rd 2006
including spin the bottle club and radio remix

DEVIL IN YOUR SOUL (single) July 18th 2005
Devil in your soul (Moustache club remix)
Head (b-side)

BITE YOUR TONGUE (album) due out august/sept 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Growing up in Australias’ rock capital Newcastle, Tiffani was your quintessential beach babe, tall, tanned, athletic figure and fun loving. But it was the ballsy “I can achieve anything I put my mind too” attitude and passionate love of music that drove this Scorpio all the way to the top of her chosen career.

From an early age of 4, Tiffani liked to mimic the song and dance routines of Janet Jackson and Madonna, and jumped at any opportunity to perform at school talent shows, her parents Xmas and New Year parties and basically just showing off at any chance she could get. Her parents quickly took note of this and enrolled her into her first jazz dancing class where she continued to dance and eventually also assist teaching younger students until a new talent school came to town.

For many years there had been a show on television called "Young Talent Time” it was a show that every young singer and dancer wished to be on and when they opened a talent school in Newcastle Tiffani, age 12, decided to take up singing. It wasn’t long before the teachers noticed Tiffanis’ natural singing talent and at age 15 she was placed into a show troupe "The Young Stars" which performed at various venues around N.S.W. During her 3year stint in this group Tiffani had her first taste of recording for an album and performing solo in front of large crowds, her biggest being the opening of the "Sydney Harbour Tunnel" where she performed in front of over 20,000 people.

During her schooling years Tiffani would skip school camps and functions to enter many talent quests winning her fair share. She also played the lead vocal role in her school musical "Murder in the Music Hall" in 94. Doing all this she still managed to complete her H.S.C schooling in 95 with her highest mark of 85% in music.

When 18 Tiffani went back to her "beach babe" routes and entered in various Sydney and Newcastle swimsuit competitions putting under her belt a number of titles such as Miss Indy 96, Miss Beach girl 97, Miss Hawaiian Tropics 98, Cover girl 98,and Miss Wild Fm 98 and was also accepted into the "Newcastle Mariners super league Cheerleading squad".

At the same time as this Tiffani was turning professional in her performances joining the cover band 'Quiver", as their lead singer, where she sang a huge range of songs covering from Tracey Chapman, Pearl Jam, Shania Twain, Alanis Morrisett, 80's rock and much more and again had her 2nd taste of vocal recording of original songs with this band.

The taste for the big time was getting to strong so Tiffani packed up her bags and moved to Sydney to follow her dream of becoming a star. There she enrolled in "The Australian Institute of Music" choosing vocal as her major which included studying such fields as performance studies, music technology, music industry studies and music theory. She completed this in 99 with a certificate with merit in music performance. During this time she had joined another covers band "The Anthill Mob" performing at various venues throughout N.S.W and recorded again. As well as this Tiffani held down many jobs including assistant Latin Dance teacher, Promotions, Hilton hotel hostess and part time model. It was at this time that her big break was about to arrive.

In 2000 the call was made for what was to be the new Spice girls down under. Dreaming of this since she was a little girl Tiffani jumped at the chance to enter Australias’ first reality TV based talent show and was chosen in the final line up of the group which went on to be called “Bardot”. For 2 years Bardot toured the world with major fan bases in South East Asia, United Kingdom, India, New Zealand and more. But it was in their home country that they were most successful landing the title of Australias all time biggest selling female group. With the first album and single going straight to number 1 in the same week which went down in the Australian music history books. All follow up singles landed in the top20 and went gold. After a successful 2year run in 2002 the girls called it quits to pursue solo careers.

Tiffani resigned with Warner music in 2003 releasing her first solo single “What R U Waiting 4” which peeked at #27 on the ARIA charts in March 2004. But Tiffani was unhappy with what the record company had planned for her future releases and after much deliberation called it quits and left her secure contract for a world of uncertainty doing it her way.

In 2005 after nearly a year of penning songs for her solo album and having finished her first role as MC for Australias’ biggest national model search, Tiffani launched her own record label Mud Honey Records, signed herself up and released her first independent pop/rock single “Devil in your soul” which she co wrote. With a debut on the Australian Independent charts at lucky #13 and a remix by the Moustache club who are responsible for the top club remix of Fleetwood Macs’ “Everywhere” this girl is on the rise.