BandPopA Capella


I have loved theater and music basically my whole life. Really started in sixth grade when I got to split the role as Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" and after that I fell in love with theater. Since then I have been involved in band, played 5 different instruments, choir, being involved in womens, concert, show and jazz choir, and also theater, where I have done "Up the Down Staircase", "Dracula", "Romeo and Juliet", and my favorite, "A Chorus Line" where I was cast as Diana Morales. Opening night portraying a character like Diana and singing those songs made me realise that being on stage was something I wanted more than anything.

I am currently attending UNLV in my hometown of Las Vegas majoring in Elementary Education, and living out my talents of singing and acting around the commiunity.

Broadway is my dream, and I am doing I can to get there. :]