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Tiffany Carlson

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Moozikoo Radio review"

Good things come in small packages, so they say. In the case of
Tiffany Carlson, the adage holds true. In her debut project, Long Way
Back, this young lady grabs you with her lyrics and keeps you there
with her sound—a mixture of folk, country and blues.
Teaming up with singer/songwriter Jim Walker, Long Way Back is
comprised of all original tunes that speak of family, love, loss and

Sonic gems include "Broken Daydream" with its mournful fiddle, the
waltz feel of "Nowhere," and the beautiful, restrained guitar on
"Where the Wind Blows Through My Hair."

The sweet lyrics of "Daddy's Little Girl" will have even the most
macho sniffing back a tear. On the flipside, the one that will have
you tapping your toes is the bluesy, up-tempo "Wait Until You See Me,"
with lines like, "She's hoping still if looks could kill/she'd walk by
just a few…" Finally, destined for numerous repeats is "Without You,"
the anthem of someone struggling to the realization that she is,
indeed, better off on her own.

If this project is any indication of what we can expect from Ms.
Carlson, the folks in Nashville had better sit up and take notice.
- Alathea Johnson, Staff

- Alathea Johnson, Staff

"CD Review on CD Baby"

"Long Way Back" contains songs that reach you on all different levels and finds you listening to the album over and over again! Tiffany's dedication to this project and her career make her stand out over other independant artists. These characteristics bleed through into her songs as she captures everyday life and puts it into beautiful lyrics and sounds. You will find yourself relating to some, if not all, of the tracks. Makes a great gift, too. Purchase "Long Way Back" today - you won't regret it! - Kerianne Mellott, President of Mellott Marketing Group

"CD Review on CD Baby"

I got a copy of this CD recently, and it has not strayed far from the CD player since then. Although this CD could probably be classified as country, there's a great blend of diverse musical influences showing here, which makes this CD stand out from others in that genre. The songs in this collection are quite easy to relate to, and the production is top quality. There are even a couple extra surprises at the end, including a fabulous cover of an old gospel favorite, which makes a great ending to an outstanding CD! I highly recommend this CD! - Clinton Lindgren


Stonewalls EP-2009, Tiffany Carlson/Melanie Rae

-The Anointed-vocals-2009, Erik Hill

Irresponsible Boy-background vocals-2009, Jim Walker (JVA)

FALL-2008, Tiffany Carlson/Jim Walker

Long Way Back-2006, Tiffany Carlson/Jim Walker

Kiss the Brain-background vocals-2006, Jim Walker (JVA)

Radio airplay:
-Kink FM 101.9 Oregon, (Different Day)
-The Back Porch Show-nationally syndicated
(Wait Until You See Me, County Line, Where the Wind Blows Through My Hair)
-KUPL 98.7, Oregon
(Wait Until You See Me, Long Way Back, Broken Daydream, Daddy's Girl, County Line...)
-Moozikoo Radio (CD plays on daily rotation)
-KWJJ, The Wolf, (Like a Crown)



Music has been a large part of Tiffany’s life from a very early age. She grew up as the youngest daughter in a musical family and they often sang together in various churches as she grew up. Tiffany began a musical collaboration with singer/songwriter/producer, Jim Walker, who recorded and produced her first album, Long Way Back, in 2006.

"This young lady grabs you with her lyrics and keeps you there with her sound—a mixture of folk, country and blues. If this project is any indication of what we can expect from Ms. Carlson, the folks in Nashville had better sit up and take notice."
- Alathea Johnson, Staff.

Maverick magazine writes, "Tiffany proves herself to be not just a promising vocalist, but an intelligent and literate writer...A wonderful debut, hopefully not the last we hear from her."

Tiffany quickly began playing her music in the local area and was eager to continue working with Jim to complete her second album, FALL in 2008.
“Fall relies on Carlson’s polished vocals and pleasing acoustic guitar riffs heavily. For fans of stripped-down songwriting, the minimal instrumentation of the album will definitely be a plus... Fall is a strong independent release. Carlson’s great vocals and smart understanding of country melodies should guarantee her future success.”
- Chris Homer, Assistant Senior Editor

Following her FALL release, she joined up with fellow singer/songwriter, Melanie Rae and they formed the duo, CarlsonRae. Together, they completed the EP, Stonewalls in 2009, also produced by Jim Walker. Throughout this time of writing and recording, Tiffany has been featured on The Back Porch Show, a nationally syndicated radio program, KUPL FM radio, and other local stations that support independent music. She also was one of the featured artists on Christmas in the Northwest 10, which supports the children’s hospitals in the northwest. She considers herself extremely blessed to have the opportunity and encouragement to do what she loves. The following is a blog she stumbled upon from a friend who was at her FALL CD release.

"I had the privilege of attending this CD release concert on Friday, November 14. It was set in candlelight in a beautiful historic estate in Oregon City, the Ainsworth House and Gardens. I sensed her warm, welcoming personality as soon as I walked in. The lights were low, candles were lit and people were relaxed and ready for a great evening of original, local music. Tiffany sings using a subtle heartache blues, country, acoustic fusion style that is near perfection for contemporary music. I wish more people would go and hear the treasure she has to offer.

My first thoughts were on how Tiffany, like many other artists, was able to be on stage doing what makes her come alive. I have always known that Tiffany Carlson loves to sing, and more so loves to communicate and share music with others. In my opinion, the goal of music anyway is to create community. She achieved this again last night as I mingled with people from all walks of life. We all came together in the name of music and to show appreciation and support for her efforts. She doesn’t seem to be wrapped up in making money with her craft. She enjoys sharing music with people and that is what music is all about in my opinion.

I was inspired the entire evening. I sat in the audience watching Tiffany do what she enjoys and couldn’t help but ponder how many people truly chase after what they love to do, and what ultimately makes them come alive as an individual. As a glanced around at the many faces I saw some eyes closed at times. At other times, I saw people clapping hands. I started thinking why someone would pay money to hear another person sing and play music for them. Aside from the courtesy of supporting local talent, why did I have the desire to pay to hear Tiffany sing?

What she brings is transparent. I sensed that I would get the same experience if I ever heard it in her living room. I know this to be true. The way she strummed her guitar and interacted with the other musicians and the audience made it evident that I would get the same experience wherever I went.

What she brings is excellence. Tiffany works hard and smart on her projects. I’m sure she ponders every word that goes into a lyric and every chord progression, key change and tempo in an attempt to set a musical tone for the mood of the lyrics as they move together.

What she brings is relevance. Her music spoke so much of the human condition. Even on her debut album, “Long Way Back” she sang of trial, happiness and life passage. This album celebrates falling…and the many ways we DO fall in love, fall down, fall to pieces and fall short of ourselves and others expectations.

I have always enjoyed hearing Tiffany Carlson through the years. She is dedicated to her craft and doesn’t take a lot of credit for being as good as she is. Yes, what she also brings is humility and the a