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Tiffany Cheri Price

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Grammy Member Tiffany Cheri Price is performing for our troops at Fleet Week in NYC on May 25, 2007 at Webster Hall with George Clinton and P-Funk, and has performed on Comcast CN8, Fox TV Detroit, CBS, and NBC. Please review her schedule and calendar and contact the label for bookings.


Tiffany Cheri Price receives over 1,000,000+ web impressions per week! She can be seen performing on the likes of FOX TV, CBS Morning Show, NBC, and COMCAST Channel 8 Today Show. The new female voice of RnB/Hip Hop Soul is emotional, honest, and raw. Tiffany Price's songs are RnB fitted with a contemporary attitude along with hip-hop flavorings. Queens of RnB such as Patti Labelle, Stephanie Mills, Shirley Murdock, and Aretha Franklin have inspired this stage-performing princess.

Tiffany, a native of Newark , New Jersey has been singing since age three. Her talent has the ability to make listeners feel her emotions whether it is joy or pain, love or hate. Tiffany Price had the honor to perform opening acts for artists such as Jaheim, Amerie, Tony Yayo, Maino, Comp, Graph, and more. Notable artist has also complimented her for her exceptional stage performance.

"Song-writing has had an affect on me that brought out feelings emotionally and spiritually", Tiffany Price says. With songs like "We Wish" and "Better Dayz" it explains this statement and could only come from someone who experienced life to the fullest.

"We Wish" will definitely appeal to anyone who has lost someone who has put their life on the line for others in the past and now. "We Wish" has been written into two different versions: one to support military, policemen, and firefighters who work risking their lives everyday right now and the other version is for those who lost their lives on 9/11 and are still loosing their lives being in the line of fire.

Tiffany’s musical diversity shines on the song "Betta Day" which is a very personal and powerful song about true struggles. She is thankful for all the strength she has endured, along with surviving all her trials, tribulations, and past relationships.

Tiffany Price is definitely on the road to success and with this album her talent will prove that her music is everyone’s gift. By investing so much emotion into her music, Tiffany gets the maximum effect out of her work. She also possesses an intangible element that stars are made of, personal drive and a dedication to their craft that gives their audience the very best they have to offer.


"Ain't No Secret", "Play Play", "Against Da Media", "We Wish" & "Don't Know"

Set List

Tiffany Price 13 Track Album consist of:

1. Intro
2. Ain't No Secret (Certified Club Banger)
3. Feel Me (Don't Judge Tiffany's Dirty Laundry)
4. Play Play (Official DJ Anthem)
5. Against Da Media (Controversial Single)
6. Don't Know (Tiffany Price's Life Of Triumph)
7. We Wish (Dedicated To 911 Victims/lost soldiers)
8. Just Happy (No More Hurt/Pain-Staying Happy)
9. I Took Yo Cash (Get Money But Give No Sex)
10. Betta Dayz (No More Struggles With Bills)
11. Where'd U Go (Left To Raise A Child Alone)
12. Y? feat. Miss RnB Raw (Guys Stop Fronting)
13. We Wish (Heroes fighting For Us Now)