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I Need You

Written By: Tiffany Kathryn Hurd

Somebody open the door to this cage, I'm ready to let out some of this rage, building up inside. I don't want to hide...from this pain.
How can you just walk on by, without a worry as to why I'm cryin all the time, drownin in my this bottle of wine.


Oh, baby I need you, I need you to hold back my tears, take away my fears.
Oh, baby I need you, I need you to break this bottle of wine and turn back time to when you hated to see me cry.
Oh, baby I need you, I need you.

Open your eyes see what's goin on with me. Don't you wanna set me free, from these ropes that hold me down...I don't wanna drown.
It may be hard to open your eyes but take a look through all those lies you keep tellin yourself, that I don't need your help...but I do.


Oh, baby I need you, I need you, baby I need you.

Take Care OF Our Own

Written By: Tiffany Kathryn Hurd

Wading through the dark cold waters
Hanging on to what they can.
Something to keep their heads above water
A piece of wood, a raft, a friend.
Hopes and dreams are sometimes said
to be part of the distant mend.
But for these brave survivors, where and when?

We must take care of our own.
Don’t leave anyone alone
Crying through the cold, dark night
Hungry and full of fright.
Please clothe and give them hope.
Feed and build them homes.
Love your neighbor as you can,
Take care of our own.

We can’t leave them behind
With nothing but shattered dreams
Of distant hopes and lost families.
Take the children and hold them tight
Keep them safe and warm at night.
Embrace the old and hold their hands,
They are our parents, our neighbors, our friends.


Take care of our own, take care of our own.