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"HigherGround Online"

Can you recall the main quandary from the first “Men in Black” film? Ok, here’s a quick refresher. There was race of aliens called the Arquillians whose prince was killed because he was the caretaker of a galaxy, which just so happened to be the best source for sub-atomic energy in the universe. If said galaxy was not returned to them by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the Arquillians were going to destroy the earth. The problem was when we as humans think of something as expansive as a “galaxy”, we think of some unfathomable celestial body that is immense in size. Meanwhile this particular galaxy, which contained millions of stars, was small enough to be a medallion on a feline’s flea collar.
There is a definite parallel between the concept of that film and today’s music. “Mainstream” music is like our galaxy, The Milky Way (thanks to 3rd grade science class). As big as it is, there is only one star contained in it, nine planets, and a few moons here and there. The music outside of that realm is like the galaxy on “Orion’s Belt.” The tiny galaxy around that cat’s neck contained millions of stars and was of so much more value than anything in our vast universe. Well, in my exploration of that tiny galaxy, I was introduced to Tiffany Paige, a singer/songwriter out of Northern Virginia.
Born and raised in Germany as an Army brat, her family ended up settling in Arizona. Always surrounded by creativity and music (having a classically trained vocalist as a mother), Tiffany’s penchant for singing was realized at an early age as she began to study and emulate vocal stylings of artists like Shirley Murdock, The Clark Sisters, El Debarge and Michael McDonald. However, she chose to put her musical dreams aside, follow in her father’s footsteps and entered the Armed Forces by enlisting in the Air Force. Unbeknownst to her, the Air Force is where her musical aspirations would truly be realized.
By following in her father’s footsteps, she ended up following her mother’s path. She began to sing the National Anthem at various military functions and ceremonies, much like her mother has done for many professional sporting events. In doing so, she realized that music is where she truly belonged and began writing and recording in after she completed her military duty in 2002.
Up to the present day, she has developed herself into a formidable singer and songwriter and continues to hone her craft. Her knack for melodic composition combined with her light yet sultry voice makes for her own unique sound.
I was lucky enough to bear witness to Tiffany’s talent first hand a couple of weeks ago. After sending her some instrumentals to listen to for possible use on her upcoming mixtape, she sent me a completed song a mere 2 hours later, complete with verses, a hook and fully layered harmonies (see:"Takin' Over Me" above). It was amazing to hear her as, a solitary person and artist, accomplish in 2 hours what often takes a group of people 2 days to complete. Her focus and output is incredible and will take her a long way in this business of music.
Recently, she has been working extensively with Detroit producer Zo! on a number of projects, including her debut album “Dreamwalk” and an album of classic re-work’s entitled “Just Visiting.” Among other guest appearances alongside a who’s-who of “true school” hip-hop’s up-and-comers including the likes of supergroup Tanya Morgan, John Robinson, and newcomer Eternia out of Canada, she is completing work on the aforementioned mixtape entitled “Exclusive Rights” (mixed by DJ Jamad - Afromentals/Aphilliates), which will be a mixture of original material and familiar tracks redone with Tiffany’s own special touch.
Prepare yourselves for one of the brightest new stars in the galaxy.
- Gerald Alston


In music there are new artists preparing to bless the world with their songs everyday. For every artist that you know of, there are atleast twenty others that you don't. That's why I am always on the grind trying to find new and interesting artists to add to my already extensive collection. Today, I am bringing you a female soulstress that I think you will be feeling once you get familiar with her? Her name is Tiffany Paige reppin' Virginia. Tiffany is pretty much an unknown at this time, but she has already put in work with some underground hiphop katz by the name of Scienz of Life. Most of you are probably thinking, "Who the hell is Scienz of Life?" Well, since you asked....they are an underground hiphop group with a sense of consciousness to their music. They are an acquired taste for most skeptical hiphop headz, but if you are open for some unique sounds give them a listen. Tiffany has provided vocals for several of their tracks over the years, so if you are a fan of theirs you have definitely heard her.

She is currently working with the producer Zo!, who is a Detroit native like yours truly. He has a real smooth sound to his production, and if you don't know him either make your way over to his site and check him out. Zo! has produced songs for several artists, but most people still don't really know him? Tiffany's debut album is entitled, "The Dreamwalk LP," which is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2007? It was pushed back from its original release date in Summer of 2006, but we all know how that goes. I have heard several tracks from Ms. Paige and I am really diggin' her vibe, and hopefully you will too?

Checkout her site along with these others, and get your music discovery on!
- Soundnexx


Talib Kweli ft Tiffany Paige - Someday "Single"
Jamaica Funk Remake - 12in Vinyl
Too Personal - 7in Vinyl
Funny How Time Flies Remake - Just Visiting by ZO! Itunes
Free Remake - Just Visiting by ZO - Itunes
All Behind Me - John Robinson Project - Itunes
Exclusive Rights - Scienz of Life - Itunes
Youu - Freelance by ZO - Itunes
Inertia - Freelance by ZO - Itunes
Breakin Boundaries - Mixcd Free download release



In an era of music where careers have become very disposable, talent equals longevity. When the smoke clears real music will prosper. Standing at the forefront of the movement will be Tiffany Paige.
At an early age, such artist as Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Anita Baker and Michael Jackson influenced Tiffany. Poised, confident and creative, Tiffany Paige untitled debut is one of R&B/Hip Hop’s best secrets. Her smooth, pure voice will draw you right in, no matter what style of music is your favorite.
Reppin’ Northern Virginia, Tiffany delivers a collage of astonishing tracks, ranging from heart felt Poetry, to the classic Boom Bap/hip hop sound. Tiffany’s music seamlessly blends from track to track. Tiffany’s innovative style combined with emotional, thought provoking lyrics, separates her from the monotony that's ever so present today. Her uncompromising soulful blends and creative integrity are what music has been missing, and she delivers the remedy. After one listen Tiffany proves her self as the new beginning, displaying her ability to paint vibrant pictures of reality in her life.

Tiffany’s unique songwriting ability and un-compromised form of self-expression will set her apart from the rest. Encapsulating the soul of the era, soulful beats, melodies and harmonies, and fused with the grit of today's Hip Hop, it's been years since an album commands the listener's undivided attention. Possessing a positive vibe with a sultry mentality, Tiffany bridges the generation gap of musical taste, winning the approval of the streets and the hearts of hopeless romantics on one sonic canvas.

Mission Statement: I have always wanted to become a singer/songwriter as long as I've known I had a voice. Now I’m constantly working really hard to find that open opportunity that will allow me the chance to do what I’ve been wanting to do for so long. Trials and tribulations drive me to deliver a message that represents the truth of my life.