Tig has the timing of Bob Newhart and the body of a tiny lumberjack. She's funny without even saying a word.


It all started while serving too much time in a Texas high school. So much time in fact, that she failed three grades by entertaining classmates rather than entertaining the notion of a successful academic career.

When she finally got to L.A., Tig discovered the massive world of stand-up comedy. Inspired, she gave herself two weeks to check out comedy shows, promising herself she would get up on stage within that time. On the 14th day she got up and hasn't stopped since. What originally began as stage fright now magnifies her deadpan delivery and combines exaggerated stories originating from her true-life experiences. With the innumerable amount of comedy venues in L.A., along with her natural talent, Tig's comedic career instantly took off.

This fall, Tig will be back on the Sarah Silverman Program and on the road with the Crackpot Comedy Tour, a “house concert of comedy” she created with two other comedians. She has performed at numerous showcases and festivals, and with such great acts as Greg Giraldo, Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan, Wendy Liebman, Nick Swardson, Kathleen Madigan, David Cross, Laura Kightlinger and Doug Stanhope. Tig was voted 2nd runner up in Comedy Central's "Laugh Riots" national stand-up comedy competition, chosen for Uproar Records "Pretty Funny Women" CD, performed at Marshall's Women in Comedy Festival in L.A., The Chicago Comedy Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival, The Kilkenny Comedy Festival in Ireland and The Toyota Comedy Festival in New York two years in a row. Currently, Tig can be seen on Comedy Central's TV show "Premium Blend", featured on comedycentral.com's "Best of the Improv," a recurring role on AMC's "Movies at Our House" and in her very own half hour comedy special "Comedy Central Presents TIG!"

Along with devoting her time to stand-up, Tig is also writing, producing, directing and starring in comedic short films that are extensions of her storytelling. "ZeroDollarsAndZeroSenseProductions," the film company she and producing partner Beth Schorr started in 1999, released "Poop Dreams: A Series of Stained Shorts," funded by cult film director Sam Raimi (Spider-man, Evil Dead, Simple Plan, The Gift) and his producing partner Robert Tapert, among many other generous folks.