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Tiger Dare

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Shoegaze


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"Stream Tiger Dare Wires Over, Wired In (Stereogum Premiere)"

Brooklyn band Tiger Dare are putting out their debut album, Wires Over, Wired In, just as the weather in New York is starting to warm up, but the music within suggests almost the opposite. From the gorgeous first track, “Good Times,” the band generates a sound that’s sunny but wistful; the soundtrack to that first day in September when a sudden chill makes you realize you’ll need to start wearing a jacket. It’s a relatively brief record, barely over 30 minutes, but that run time is broken up over only six tracks, amounting to a deep, dense collection almost tailor made for headphone listening. Throughout, the band shows a knack for giving small gestures a huge emotional payoff too, like the wordless vocals in the chorus of the aching “We Bike All Night.” There are countless more moments like that, and you can discover them all by listening below, plus if you’re in the New York area you can catch them 6/20 opening for Ought at Rough Trade. - Stereogum


For a song called “Good Times,” Tiger Dare’s newest single from their debut EP has less the feel of a party and more the feel of a warm night next to the fire. With the band’s languid, shimmery guitars and the hazy warmth of their vocals, the track seems filled out while still remaining restrained. “Good Times” moves slowly for it’s 5 minute length, yet never looses its welcome, changing ever so slightly and layering on that shimmering warmth that makes it such a joy. It’s the kind of shoegaze-inspired pop music that’s absolutely perfect for wintery days — the ideal soundtrack for staring out the window as the snow blows around. Tiger Dare’s debut EP, Wires Over, Wired In, will be out on 3/25, but in the meantime, you can listen to “Good Times” on repeat and catch the guys at Glasslands on 1/24 with Tape Deck Mountain and Andrew Cedermark and at Baby’s All Right on 2/1 with IceWater and TEEN. - The Wild Honey Pie


It was the best of times; it was the worst of times; it was a time when the best and the worst felt about the same. (That's how the book goes, right?) From the Brooklyn-based Tiger Dare comes "Good Times", which sounds like one of Kurt Vile's cough syrup-driven dreams—it's lazy but softly propulsive, sprawling over five minutes like the backdrop to any cinematic montage where the heroes accept what's happened and get on with their lives. Noisey is excited to premiere the video off of the band's upcoming Wires Over, Wires In EP, which is out on March 25 via Wonderland Archives. - Noisey/VICE

"Tiger Dare, "Coffee""

Tiger Dare are really throwing it back to my high school years with their dreamy, Joan of Arc-inspired debut ‘Coffee.’

The group is essentially the new trick from a couple of old dogs. Diffuser.fm caught up with one of them, founding member, Mike Zorrilla, to gain some insight on how the crew came about. “Tiger Dare is a new Brooklyn-based quartet with members of Chase King and Villa Venus; and ‘Coffee’ is our debut single,” Zorilla said. - Diffuser.fm

"Tiger Dare — "Morning After Morning""

I'm sure neurologists can explain exactly what it is about the guitar tone of Tiger Dare's "Morning After Morning" that makes one's brain believe that time travel is a realistic possibility. You've heard something similar on any number of songs from the Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo, Real Estate, or the Clientele—maybe it's the delay or the slight tremolo that triggers an instantaneous realization that you're not in the present moment, or maybe that Henry Freedland's languorous vocals stretch the phrase "Fall of 2002" long enough to give you a chance to think of where you were at that time. Chances are, life felt a little slower, the future unknown and hazy but with plenty of light peaking through.

That much is evoked in "Morning After Morning"'s first half, but as Tiger Dare do quite often on their absorbing EP Wires Over, Wired In, there's a pivot in the middle of when the guitars start pushing forward ever so slightly to generate anticipation rather than nostalgia, that maybe you're not stuck in the past, but just outside it. While this sort of thing is typically called "dream pop", "Morning After Morning" lives in the moment, albeit a permanent 6 A.M, when you're not quite ready to leave your disorienting, wakeful bliss. - Pitchfork

"Tiger Dare, “Morning After Morning”"

Tiger Dare’s “Morning After Morning,” from their recently released Wires Over, Wired In EP, moves with the urgency of a Japanese lantern, pushed with one finger across the water. The band plays slowcore, with the twin guitars pushed beneath miles of reverb so that the original sound and the echo sink softly together. Henry Freedland’s vocals prickle your ears like breath on neck hairs: “After magazines, he puts nouns and verbs into perfect streams, ” he croons, slowly, his voice gathering into a pool at the base of the mix. The snare hits punctuate the song’s surface like semi-colons, not so much keeping time and reminding us, drowsily, that it’s slipping fluidly around us. Then, in the last minute, the tempo slightly quickens, a catch of breath that builds to the song’s close. A graceful, liquid song, and an excellent reason to lie down in the middle of the afternoon. - Wondering Sound


Wires Over, Wired In EP (Wonderland Archives, 2014)
Coffee/What You Are (self-released, 2012)



Tiger Dare makes atmospheric dream pop in Brooklyn. Formed when Mike Zorrilla and Henry Freedland discovered a shared affinity for music with in-headphone intimacy and spacey, shimmering guitars, the band has grown to include the talents of bassist Michael Kirby and drummer Pete Hilton. Debut record Wires Over, Wired In translates slowcore, shoegaze, psych and indie pop influences to offer up hushed vocals and intricate arrangements, unburdened by gravity or friction; a dream-machine in motion. These are subtle anthems for the open-hearted, peering into the lost and found of looking-glass time and endeavoring to find some simple, off-screen truths in a weird and wired world.

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